I've always been impulsive (or impatient lol) but yesterday I shocked myself. I was enjoying my last day in New York and haven't felt particularly well with Avastin affecting my joints and throat. I passed a hairdressers and said to my partner.....I'm going in and going to get my hair cut and coloured. As always he was totally supportive and forced himself to have a burger whilst it was done. My last chemo was August and I was trying to wait till February but I could not stand the gaunt, grey, tatty haired person I kept seeing in shop mirrors. So glad I did it. A lovely Russian lady who had breast cancer 15 years ago and about the same age as me did it. She was so lovely and understanding. It was as if I was meant to go in. She hugged me and wished me well. I now have a honey blonde crop and I've slung the now doll's head in appearance wig in the back of my wardrobe. My family will get first showing on Christmas Day. So lovely ladies, who have got me through this year (and that is heartfelt beyond words) have a very Merry Christmas and good luck for 2017. Tracey xx

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  • What ?? No picture? How selfish of you to want to show your family first !!! THATS A JOKE BY THE WAY!!!

    something was telling you that was the right impulse to follow and good for you, can't wait to see a pic of course!

    Merry Christmas Tracey,

    Clare xx

  • I really don't like pics of me. I'll see what I can do. Then it will come up as a stand alone self indulgent pic. Haha. Anyone who knows me will tell you how I hide in pics. Stand by x

  • Love it ! Cant believe no picture ! We need evidence to support this impulsive behaviour 😃 I bet you feel so much better from doing it. It's the simple things that make us feel more like ourselves and it's you who has to look in the mirror every day. That's why I couldn't wait to get my hair sorted. As soon as I had stubble and it was coloured.

    Hope you had a fantastic trip xo

  • About to post a pic. No sleep as only just back from New York, no makeup and slept on. So be warned 😆

  • Well done you that's great story 😍

  • As they say in NY....'way to go, gal!' Great news 😌 xx

  • Congrats on the hair style it is amazing, what a brave thing to do on holidays but what the heck we need to do things like this to cheer us up, Happy happy Christmas

  • I like the idea of this impulsive cut. It will keep giving you good me,oriels every time you look in the mirror. Can I ask if you found it easy to get insurance to go to USA, especially while on Avastin? I hope to go in July from uk to USA and will probably be on Avastin. Hope you don't mind my asking. I'm a bit obsessed with this dream trip...

    Take care and enjoy your new look.

    Netti x

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