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Another Milestone Met

Getting ready to go out to dinner the day before Christmas Eve I decided that I was not going to wear my hat or wig!!!!

My hair is about 1/2cm long, but now was the time for me to stop hiding behind my hats (although I did put 1 in my bag just in case the new found confidence faded) and get on with it. I am pleased to say that I did not put it on even when it was a bit colder going home that when we arrived.

I never worried about loosing my hair, it wasn't the greatest I just hope now that I get a better crop than the last lot.

Had a wonderful festive season, cooked for 10 including my daughters new in laws. Was totally whacked yesterday and don't have too much energy today so just resting.

Hoping everyone else had as good a time as I did

love Chris xx

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Dear Chris

Good on you - for the hair statement - and then cooking for 10. I did just that the Saturday before Christmas and was on my last legs the next day.

I'm really delighted to hear how well Christmas went. Have a lovely New Year too and hopefully we can meet up in the New Year? - unless of course you're continuing the celebrations with Hogmanay?

Loads of love xxxx Annie


Won't be doing too much celebrating this Hogmanay. We are babysitting. Will go out for lunch with friends on Jan 1st. We are going away for the weekend on 4th and my Husband celebrates his 65th birthday on 11th so we have a hectic few weeks ahead. We will most certainly meet up in the New Year. When is you scan? I'm at Velindre on 17th, they changed my date but only by a few days.

Wishing you a peaceful New Year xx


Dear Chris

They wanted to do a scan pre-Christmas but I wasn't ready so now I've enjoyed Christmas I'm girding my loins so to speak. Martin will take me in tomorrow to do a blood test and then the deliberations start.

Your new year sounds wonderful! Your husband is a fellow Capricorn. Enjoy all the festivities!

loads of love xxx Annie


Well done indeed, my hair has just about gone now, few spikes left after shaving it off last week. Bless him, hubby says I look just as lovely without as with! Will be interesting to see how it grows back in a few months time. Glad you had a good time, I didn't cook for anyone but hubby cooked for me then we went on a social tour about which was lovely but exhausting and today feel very tired. But onward and upward not bad after Christmas Eve chemo. Lots of love Amanda xx


Bet you look fine, Amanda, you have a great smile from what I can see in your pic. Husbands are lovely though aren't they? Bit odd sometimes, perhaps - mine has new habit of stroking my stubble absentmindedly while sitting with me watching TV!


Not nice having chemo on Christmas Eve, glad you don't feel too bad, hope it continues. My husband said the same about my hairless state. I just didn't like other people seeing me with no hair. I always had a hat on or at least within easy reach. I even kept it on when I had surgery, they were very good about it. I had my last chemo on Oct 12th but last taxol at end of Sept so it has taken awhile to return.

love Chris xx


Hooray for you Chris - my grey fuzz and I salute you! It is a very odd feeling that first time out, but if you got through that you need never worry about it again...


Sue xxx

PS don't be silly out in the cold though - a nice snuggly hat when the chill strikes is NOT giving in, only being sensible! ;)


It was quite strange at first, we were in a very busy eatery in Cardiff. By the time we were finished I'd forgotten all about it. I will be wearing my wooly hats when the weather is cold and wet....won't be going far without them according to the weather forecast then!!!

Love Chris x


Stubble stroking indeed, always used to be the other way around, now my hair is shorter than hubbies things have changed. I always thought of deer antlers but I think my spikes are more reminiscent of a hamsters bottom, although I hasten to add I have not been in the habit of stroking them. LOL xxx


My hair is just beginning to poke through and its WHITE cant believe it. I have been dyeing my hair for years, many different shades of blond, brown and red, so I dont really know what colour my hair is. I am looking forward to having hair again but in the meantime I will carry on wearing my wigs when I go out, and my hats at home. I cant seem to go without anything on my head even when Im alone.

I remember when I read Linda`s blog she said her grandson called her new hair cat fur, that's how I think of mine now I look every morning to see if its growing. I think Chris your brave to go out without a hat especially this weather, I find my head always feels cold now. Maybe we should all post photos of our hair now and then again in six months.

Love Babs x x


Brilliant idea to post some pix. I think more women should celebrate hairlessness in the interests of equal opportunities. If we were men it would be considered positively fashionable.

I'm sure your hair looks fantastic - but it may be a shock if you're used to colouring it. I don't worry about white. I think it can look very sophisticated. xxxx

Lots of love to you. xxx


I will if I can work out how to get the pic of me from my phone to my laptop! Will give it a go tomorrow, just need the elusive cable ha ha


I will if I can work out how to get the pic of me from my phone to my laptop! Will give it a go tomorrow, just need the elusive cable ha ha


Can you email your pic from your phone? There is a choice of things to do with a pic on my I-Phone including sending it to Facebook. I often use this to avoid my I-Phone syncing again with my laptop when I don't want to bother with that.

It would be great to find a way to post photos on our comments. I think it would be possible using Flikr but I've long lost my account details for that. xxx


Question for health unblocked maybe - there might be an HTML snippet that allow passing of a pic inline.....

Am having probs typing as am upside down slooshing chemo around!


I searched group albums and found:

> Photo bucket has a group album function closer to what might work...

> Also Picasso has an ability to create album and only share with specific friends to whom you send link

>Flickr groups seems clunky in comparison

> Or we could start an ovacome Pinterest page so we only have to point there? Not sure if multi people can post to a page tho. And poss too accessible to the world. Good for posting pix of fundraising stuff we WANT world to see though


wow do you mind if I say chemotherapy really does have its advantages if you're Googling and finding suitable photo platforms for us. I'd forgotten about Flikr so will explore that too - but as you say it's also worth asking the techies at Health Unlocked what will work.

Hadn't heard about Pinterest so will have to have a look at that.

I hope today's gone well and your chef husband is planning something very special for The Return of the Taste Buds! xxxxxx


Check this also


Well done, Chris. I understand exactly how you feel. I decided to go without a wig or scarf for the first time 2 weeks ago when I went to a training session at the local hospice where I volunteer as a bereavement support volunteer. It was the first time I had gone to the hospice since my diagnosis in May and I felt very conscious initially. After a few minutes however I was very comfortable and everyone started commenting on how well I look and how my new hairstyle suits me.

I do not wear my wig or scarves any more. I find the wig stifling and it makes me feel like a different person. I now only wear a woolly hat and scarf when I am out since I feel the cold on my ears and neck. My hair is growing back curly and silvery/grey with black. I used to have long black hair with grey in the front and therefore always had my hair coloured every 6-8 weeks. I have decided not to have my hair coloured any more.

I am glad you had a lovely Christmas, Chris.

Enjoy the rest of your celebrations and I wish you a very happy, healthy and peaceful 2013.

Love, Samixa XX :-) :-)


Good for you Chris. I remember my first time without my scarves. Took lots of courage, but once it was done I felt very liberated. Everyone I knew loved my hair 'shaved' and I kept it very short for a long time. Now I'm growing it slightly and having to use the hairdryer and straightners again. Don't think it'll be long before it gets cropped again. Glad you had a great Christmas

Love Chris x x


Good for you Chris. I'm 11 months post chemo and have a good two inches of growth now, though still much shorter than I've ever had it. It was weird when it came out grey and black but some clever highlights and low lights helped. At least its given me the opportunity to see what I look like at various lengths from Sinead O'connor to Annie Lennox. I know I would never have worn it that short through choice.

Glad you had a good Christmas. Here's to a Happy New Year for you.

Love Mary xx



good to hear all the hair news. I had 2 lots of chemo and then shaved hair off as I reached a time where it just looked silly. After 3rd chemo I had more surgery so eventually went 10 weerks without chemo. By the time I had surgery my hair had started growing back but only grey bits. Eventually dark brown came through too. I am now back on chemo just has 5th session. My 2cm growth is falling out but at least I know it will come back.

My husband who has very short hair did say he would support me by shaving his head too. He is 55 in jan badger grey and slightly thinning. I refused to let him saying that his may not grow back!! At least I know mine will and at some point we will have matching hair do's.

Ihad a smile at Chris wearing a hat for surgery. I wore a scarf into the anesthetic room and asked if I could keep mine on as no one apart from hubbie has seen me bald. They were more than happy for me to wear it.

I have not had the guts to go bald out yet I sit at home in eve but have hat handy. I do were my wig much more that I thought. I think its because no one knows then thatI have cancer. I can go on the need to know basis. I think my big hurdle will be what do I do when I eventually go back to work. Dont want to shock people who havnt seen me with no hair. Everyone always remarked on how shiny my hair was and I had very straight hair that sat in a bob neatly.

I have 2 grown up daughters and one is happy to see me bald which is lucky as she has just moved home for a while (in between jobs). My eldest daughter hasnt seen me without my hat or wig on, she gets very emotional about it all. she also has a 2 yr old who we are not sure how he will react to see nanny without hair.

I have always wanted to go for a short style but never had the guts so am looking forward to trying out some short hair cuts when it all starts growing again.

Does anyone know if having lost it once and then again how it effects regrowth.

Happy New year and heres to a healthier one.

Best wishes



Hi Lorraine,

My hair started to grow when I had my operation, but then I had to have 2 more chemos and it all fell out again. Its been 5 weeks since my last chemo and its growing back slowly but its white now. I used to have very dark brown hair. Never mind I can dye it in six months. I wear a wig to work every day and although it does itch after a while Im used to it now. I often get compliments from customers saying how nice my hair looks. I never say its a wig and nobody has guessed.

I let my grandchildren see me without my wig or hat when they stay it has never bothered them. My grandson who is 2 saw me for the first time without my wig about two months ago and started running round the house saying where is Nana`s hair, it was so funny.

Hair or no hair grandchildren love us no matter what.

Love Babs x x ps I have posted a pic of me ONATURAL


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