Cyst after BOC

Hi everyone. Just thought I would share my latest experiences! After removal of one ovary and borderline tumour removed on the second, I've been having three monthly scans. Last scan showed a cyst so I had further scans and bloods. Good news is that it looks like a normal cyst so I'll just be monitored. I'm relieved as this means I can start Ivf! Hurrah! Fingers cross for a little one soon before I need a hysterectomy some time in the future...

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  • Ah Jen i'm super happy for you. As you know, I'm in the same boat as you (although not going for IVF) so i know how worrying reoccurrence is. Best of luck for the IVF everything crossed your have the pitter patter of tiny feet in 2017!! Jemima xx

  • Thanks hun. when will you hear about your cyst? fingers crossed for you x

  • Saw my Onc last week - she feels it's a normal cyst like yours and so wants to re-scan me end of Feb, where she'd expect it to be gone! My only worry is that the Sonographer told me it didn't look completely 'simple' because it had a septum but seeing as my Onc isn't worried, i'm trying not to be :) Onwards and upwards x

  • Sounds very familiar! my sonographer wasn't happy because she found solid patches within the cyst, but they ruled out anything nasty with an (hour long) mri. early 30s, otherwise healthy, apparently we are bang on 'typical patients' for unusual, but not dangerous cysts. so I'm sure it's nothing to worry about x

  • I just love being so 'textbook'! NOT! Well fingers crossed our Oncs have it right and all will be tickety boo! :) Yours sounds like it might be bordering on a dermoid cyst - and wow, an hour long MRI! They are, at least, thorough! Mine was done via USS x

  • Yeah I didn't enjoy the mri at all! possibly a dermoid, both my mum and grandmother had dermoid cysts. the joys of genetics haha x

  • Excellent news, good luck with the IVF and hope you get more good news very soon ❤️Xx

  • Good news indeed and best of luck with the IVF maybe this time next year you will be giving us all a boost with success best wishes

  • The very best of luck with the IVF!

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