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Taxol or tamoxifin versus radiotherapy for 4th line

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Hello everyone, I saw the oncologist yesterday and he has offered me the above for 3c diagnosed early 2013. Doxil (3rd line) didn't work and the main tumour is in the vaginal cuff. I think I've decided on radiotherapy as it is less hazardous to my body. Is there anyone out there who has chosen this course. Any comments or advice would be most welcome.

Happy birthday πŸŽ‚ for yesterday Trix! Carole H 😍

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Hi Cah, I had rt about 35 doses in all, its doable and gave me a break from the chemo poison. So what I think is go for it and then the tamoxen can be taken later. There are risks to rt but I did okay, I did get an upset tummy but I cut the fibre when I had to so managed it well enough. Hope that helps a bit, do ask your team can your have the tamoxen after having rt, I am sure you can because many breast cancer patients take it post rt.

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Thanks Suzuki for your speedy response, and for your advice. I already have been told I can have chemo after rt. I will speak with the rt nurse/specialist to get the ball rolling tomorrow. What stage are you at with your treatment? 😊 Carole H x

Thank you Carole,

I have no experience of radiotherapy but wouldn't it be great if they could use it on all our tumours.

Trix x

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