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Complex ovarian cyst changing!?!?


I am a 30 year old mother of one 8 year old. In June 2015 an ovarian growth was discovered on my left ovary (incidental finding in the background of a scan I was having because I was passing kidney stones). They said it had solid components and was possibly a dermoid but was only 6mm so we would watch and wait.

3 months later I become more symptomatic, heavier periods , I begun getting 2 periods some months, grew a lot more facial hair. I had another scan where the cyst showed up again as a solid cyst / possibly a dermoid and it was now over 2cm. and I was told to watch and watch.

A year after that I went back to the doctor (September 2016) Because the symptoms intensified - my periods became RIDICULOUSLY heavy (using a "super tampon" less than every half hour) My breasts keep swelling on and off at random times all throughout my cycle. The Cyst was then called a complex cyst and had grown to 3cm and I would need to watch it closely and have it removed soon. At the same time a large cyst was discovered on my right ovary which ruptured very painfully midway through the next month (it was suggested by my doctor that the left cysts was messing with my hormones and caused the large right cyst).

A month later (last month) I had ANOTHER scan and today I have just managed to get back to the doctor. She said there is another simple right ovary cyst (26x21x16) She became very confused and concerned by the ultrasound report, she said it doesnt make sense and that so much has changed. she said they are saying they couldn't clearly see around my left ovary but they see "a cyst" that is 3.1cms and is not clearly joined to anything - it says "an adnexal cyst, appearing separate from ovary, no complicated cysts" My right ovary volume is 10ml and left is 4ml, is says they could not see my ovary at all when using a Trans vaginal ultrasound and could only just see if from the abdominal ultrasound. I also have an endometrial polyp. measuring 14x8x15

She said about the difference between the previous and latest scan: "this doesn't make sense, its time to take this seriously and go to a specialist" and she gave me an urgent referral to a gynaecologist.

I don't understand what has happened - it sounds innocent to me? but my doctor thinks either the original cyst is hidden in there and the adnexal mass is a new one. or that something else is going on. We have been watching this grow for almost 18 months now (slowly) and suddenly this past month the structure of the cyst has changed dramatically. Does any of this make any sense to anyone?

can anyone shed some insight on this?

scan report also said: no free fluid, myomentum is mildly heterogenous but no descrete nodules.

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Crumbs, you've been through a lot. Unfortunately I can't advise but think you should now see a specialist Gynacologist in the first instance. He or she will have a team who can also accurately read your scan results. It all seems confusing at the moment. You do need clarity and confidence and a specialist Gynae is the right place to start. You could also ask your doctor to do a CLA125 blood test however that can't be taken as a stand alone test and must be just one in a series of investigations.

Hopefully you will get your appointment within the 10 day referral guideline.

Take care

Clare 💐

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Thanks for the reply. It has been an interesting 18 months for me, I also got really sick and ended up diagnosed with fairly fast progressing rheumatoid arthritis and lupus and have failed to respond to medication this whole year. I'm ready to have a break from bad health for a little while lol.

I had a CA125 a year ago and the doctor never mentioned anything (I assumed they'd say something if it was elevated) then when I went to organise my appointment here in September this year (a year after the blood test) I realised my referral form said "elevated CA125" under the "reason for referral" part of the form. It did not say a specific number though, so now I'm worried because I was never told I had an elevated ca125 just told to hold onto the referral and get another check every 3-6 months. at the time I was living somewhere extremely remote on the Great Australian Bight, with terrible healthcare and then I've been trying to get my autoimmune diseas stabilised, so it took me a year to get back onto the cyst.

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Gosh, you poor thing. As Clare has said, I think a referral to a specialist gynae will be a very good thing. It sounds like your situation is quite complex & they need to get to the bottom of things. A CA125 blood test would be something I'd expect them to want you to have too. Try not to panic...but I would certainly be pushing to get this referral ASAP, especially as you have already been on a 'watch & wait' for so long.

Most cysts are benign but occasionally they can be a bit troublesome & need some extra attention & with your scans changing so much, you should be dealt with quickly. I can appreciate this must be a very frightening & confusing time so don't be scared to write down questions & take them with you to your next appointment.

There are many wonderful people on here who have all been through their own experiences so as and when you know what you are dealing with, we are all here for moral support. Keep in touch & i'm wishing you well for your referral.

Jemima xx


Thank you for the response, I appreciate it! Hopefully the Gynae office will call soon with an appointment time. I'm very confused by everything changing so much in the space of one month and I'm ready to just have this dealt with after over a year of having it in the back of my mind!

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