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Help with stomach pressure

I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for relief of the fluid build up in the abdomen? I had 1.6 liters drained 8 days ago and had relief. My stomach is getting hard and bloated again and very uncomfortable. I go to chemo consult to set up the plan on Tuesday, but thought maybe someone knew some way to relieve this feeling. Hard to sit, stand. I can lay flat but then harder to move around if I do that too long. Is there any thing I can drink or eat to help it go away or ease the pressure? I am looking forward to starting chemo as onc said it would dry up right away. I am afraid chemo won't start right away due to the Thanksgiving holidays! 😒

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I'm so sorry to hear about your fluid, my mum had the same symptom and was drained twice and had a semi permanent drain fitted prior to chemo. I'm afraid I can't offer advice as there wasn't anything that helped to relieve my mum aside from it being drained. What i will say is that within about a week of chemo she had dried up and they have now taken out her drain (just prior to chemo 4) so hopefully you will have the same outcome.



Ooh I remember that pain and it's so uncomfortable. I had 5 litres drained before my chemo and once the chemo started it never came back. Unfortunately I don't have any tips on how to make it better. Hope you get chemo started soon. Xx


I had a lot of fluid in my abdomen before my chemo started, l looked 9 months pregnant and felt it, could breath hardly as it was on my lungs. Once my chemo started it disappeared within days, so hang on in there. Hope you get your chemo soon. X


You all have made my Sunday better with your replies. What a great lifeline this site is. I can't wait for chemo so this goes away. I feel like the cancer is swimming around the whole area! Hugs new friend❣️Vicki

Annr5h, Millie-c, MissEd


I was recently diagnosed (still pre surgery so unclear of stage). I had a rapid amount of ascities that grew larger and more painful by the day. I was drained once as part of my initial diagnosis, but my onc doesn't want to do more draining, and assured me chemo would help- And the fluid came back soon after initial drain.

Couple of tips that helped me:

1. I got a wedge shaped foam pillow so I could lay down and sleep with my head and chest a bit elevated. This took a little getting used to, but helped with breathing and sleep. In fact I am still using it.

2. A heating pad helped with back pain. when pad was on, felt little back discomfort

3. The chemo is working I keep telling myself (midway through my 2nd cycle now). I am on weekly chemo and it took a few weeks for it to start going down. But once it did, it went down at the same fast rate it came. I was so upset after my 2nd infusion that the belly was still growing, but by the 3rd week of chemo things were moving in right direction quickly.

Hope that helps, still very new to all of this. For me the fluid was more painful and uncomfortable than the chemo. So hang in there, relief is coming! 💜


Thanks so much for your reply and all of this info. Funny just yesterday I got a heating pad for my are so right, it makes a big difference. I go for my first meet with the chemo oncologist (think that is what she is called). I am nervous but I am anxious to start the chemo. The ascites is the worst feeling.

I am so happy your numbers are going down. It's getting rid of those ugly guys! How much fluid did they take on your drain? I was so happy when it was done and upset that it is bcak again.

I am going to go get the wedge pillow, sounds like that would be good. I usually fall asleep ok, but then 4:00 I wake up and can't get comfortable.

My daughters mother in law had ppc, the fluid, high levels. She had 12 chemo, surgery and more after. It has been 13 years and it has never came back. She gets checked all the time still to make sure. It sure uplifted my spirits hearing her story. Hope it helps you too.

I am here if you need to chat, rant or just need a virtual hug anytime day or night.

Hugs to you.


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