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Diagnosed with 3c Ovarian Cancer in April 16, had 4 cycles of carbo/taxol, then radical hysterectomy 13th September 16, had very few symptoms from chemo and continued to work doing reduced hours until my operation. 5 th cycle of chemo on 24/10/16 been a lot more tired, mouth ulcers and the horrid taste in my mouth, but can't complain, last chemo due today was so excited to get it over and done with, but after having canula put in after 3rd attempt,steroids, antihistamine and anti sickness followed by flush, was advised that my notes had been just been read and my platelets were low following my blood test, so no chemo until I had another blood test, again 3 more pokes to get blood, to be told 45 minutes later will have to come back on Friday and have further blood tests due to platelets still being to low, so will hopefully have final chemo next Monday. I was quite concerned that my treatment had already started before it was identified that I needed another blood test.

I have been reading all you're amazing posts since April and you are all truly inspirational, especially when I am feeling confused about it all.

Thanks for taking the time to ready my post. Xx

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  • Sorry spelt new incorrect ---- chemo brain is getting worse sorry.

  • Hello Cuddles and welcome to the forum. Hopefully you'll find that we are a friendly and supportive bunch. I've certainly benefitted from many words or wisdom since I joined in the summer, just before my de-bulking surgery.

    My platelets were low just before my final chemo, but a week extra seemed to do the trick. I think I tried pomegranate juice to help...not sure there was anything scientific to back that up, but I read it somewhere and I'll try anything 😊

    Yosh x

  • Hello cuddles .... poor you going through such a tough time.... you will get there try to stay positive... you have done so well working and having chemotherapy I know I could not have done it .... I always thought cannula was worse but and as I got towards the end my veins weren't that great either ... keep collapsing so quite a few attempts .... the funny taste is horrible I tried refreshing things that tasted of lemon seemed to help... lemon sorbet was my go to life saver lol... all best for rest of your treatment big hugs 🤗

  • I froze fresh orange juice into lollies & was addicted throughout chemo!

    Good luck

  • Hello Cuddles and welcome to the forum. Gosh you poor thing, sounds like you've already been through the mill. I managed to escape the need for chemo with surgery resolving things for me so far, so I'm sorry I can't give you any advice on that front, but I just wanted to send you a jolly great big cyber ((hug)). You're in great company here. Jemima xx

  • Hi -I am also new here and waiting for a new date for my surgery which was delayed. I wish you a speedy and successful last chemo.

  • Thanks everyone. Neona, I always found the waiting the hardest, once you get a date you will feel back in control, good luck with the surgery, I didn't find it as hard as I anticipated. Hope you get your date soon xx

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