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Ovarian Cyst 34mm

I am going through infertility issues and currently seeing a fertility specialist (FS). he wants to put me on clomid but when i went for my TVU he found a 34mm cyct which was not there last cycle (last TVU) I have to wait one more cycle to see if it will go away...but waiting like this month after month is depressing...and frustrating ..I am not scared what the cyst might be ...but what if it does not go away...what if the FS puts me on birth control pills to get rid of this cyst ....will I ruin my chances for getting pregnant with pills ...the FS said dont worry about it now it happens and the cyst might go away on its own if not then we have to come up with some more tests...but i am worried as we have been trying to get pregnant for past one year and its like never ending wait time ..test after test after test ..and now a cyst...does any one had it like this before where it went away on its own.?

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I too could not get pregnant, the GP tried to put me on chlomid, and I didn't take it. I had a feeling something wasn't right. I then went to another GP - I didn't leave his room until he examined me. He found a cyst - which was blocking the route down the left fallopian tube, so chlomid would have been the worst thing for me to take.The endometrioma (blood-filled cyst) was removed laparoscopically. I then went on to IVF treatment, which was successful first time round (we were very lucky - only three eggs found, two good, and only one fertilised. My daughter is now 3.5 years). I then went on to fall immediately pregnant with my son seven months after my daughter was born. This was very lucky. When he was 11 months old, I had another large cyst on my left ovary, which was malignant. Now I can't have any more children after a complete hysterectomy.

Lots of women have cysts, as I'm sure you've read and been told. Most are benign. If this one is removed - or disappears of its own accord, as they often do (and your doesn't sound huge), it will have been worth the wait once you get cracking again on becoming a pregnant. It is more than four years since I had the IVF and time has really flown by.

If you want IVF treatment, I think there is an age limit for this to be done on the NHS - I'm sure you know all this already, so apologies for stating anything that may seem obvious! But once the cyst is removed then your body will probably give you a big go-ahead! Good luck with everything! Sara x


Sorry - Clomid!! (Misspelling!)


Hi Bella,

My daughter has polycistic ovaries and she went on the clomid to get pregenant, it worked for her straight away. Having said that she had been trying for baby for a little over the year too by the time she was given the clomid. She does now have a beautiful bay girl 3 1/2 months old.

I myself took the contraceptive pill for a couple of years, then stopt to get pregnant, it also took me a year to concieve - for no aparant reason other than the pill, the one I took over 30 years ago has since been taken off the market, for what reason I have no idea. I never went back on the pill and I fell pregnant straight away with my second two pregnancies.

I also discovered a cyst on my cervex while waiting to see my consultant for first scan (which confirmed a cancerous tumour on my left ovary and colon). The cyst however was diagnosed as a begin and I was also told it may go away on its own. They often do, or they can grow or multiply. They are harmless but can be a nusance, obviously your doc is not too worried about it being cancerous if he thinks it may go away on its own. He won`t want to operate without giving it a chance to go away on its own accord. Depending where the cyst is to wether it will effect a pregnancy.

Its better to wait and be safe darling - when you have your baby in your arms you will wonder why you worried so much about the urgency. I know it feels like a life time of waiting right now, especially if your friends are having families. But honestly, when you do look back at this time you will wonder where the time went.

I`m sure once you have a cancer all clear result it`ll be such a relief to you, the only way forward will be making babies. Happy times ahead! I do hope so sweetheart.

All the best of luck in the world with love from Tina xx


Thanks a lot ladies...i am feeling a little better now...will update onceI go for my second round of U/S


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