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My wife's kidneys are failing before chemo


I have just come back from hospital and the doctors say my wife's kidneys are not processing water properly and so all fluids are draining into her tissues and making her bloated and almost cant move with pain. They say they have tried everything and it is a wait and see game now.

My wife had a full debulking surgery for her OCS disease 5 weeks ago. She was released a week later and once she had her catheter removed a week after that, then she started to contract infection. After a strong course of antibiotics, she started to have malnutrition (in hospital), and dehydration, so they gave her IV drip and started to pump special nutrition feed via a nasal gastric tube. This was 2 days ago. This was all to get her strong again for the start of the chemo. There are signs that her disease is coming back in her abdomen and every time she clears one hurdle another even harder one appears and it feels like every time sit feels like she has turned a corner, it goes into another dark tunnel.

Now they are saying that the blood indicates that her kidneys are not working well and that is why most fluid seems to be draining into her tissues. She is now bed bound and she was an active 53 year old before all this. They said her weakness and malnutrition and disease are all part of this and they cannot do anything more, just wait and see. This has caused a great deal of stress for me. My wife tells me not to worry that all she needs is rest and it will be ok, but she is being braver than I.

I have asked them to consult a renal specialist, but, this being the NHS, advice can be fragmented or even worse, wrong.

I really dont know what to do? It is almost like the doctors are saying: "sorry that's all we can do for her, now its up to her body"..

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Our bodies can be amazing at recovering on their own after some time to adjust. My first chemo caused CKD3 and my kidney function after my second line in March was the worse they have ever been, but lots of fluid has perked them up a bit. I'm not surprised malnutrition happened in hospital it is one of the biggest failings, strength building with nourishment.

Try not to worry, a visit to a specialist may just be too exhausting right now, time and rest is actually a god recovery tool



thank you LA.

My wife is still on painkillers, and IV drip in hospital, and the renal specialist was going to be contacted by phone by the ward junior doctor (as the dept. is based in another hospital)


HI panmani, I am sorry you wife is ill at the present time. I think you were right to get them to bring in a renal specialist. I hope at this stage you have got some further information and better help, I am sending you the kindest of thoughts and stay strong



thank you. They say that the cancer has come back so fast that it is pressing against both her ureters and stops the kidneys from emptying the urine. They will place tubes in kidneys to help drain them. They have now said that nothing more can be done and that they will do their best to make my wife comfortable with pain killers. Her abdomen has enlargened and stiffened that she is now bed ridden and can not even move in it. They have assigned a palliative nurse and have even talked about getting her into a hospice.

I am scared.


Hi Pamnani

I can't offer any useful advice, I just wanted to say that I'm so sorry for what you and your wife are going through. She is lucky to have you to love and support her.

I can only send you both my best wishes.



HI Pamnani, I am so sorry this dreadful illness seems to be losing the run of itself, I am sure your wife will be looked after and cared for and pain free. I hope there is someone in the hospital you can talk to because you do need to get it all out there. I know you are keeping the best side up but you must care for yourself too. Do ask the ward sister if there is a Macmillan centre in the hospital where someone can talk you through this dreadful time. Sending you kind thoughts


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