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About side effects and exercise during chemo

Hi everyone , i ended up on this site , I am from Cape Town South Africa and diagnosed with OC in March Stage 2 b , had hyst 6 carbo/tax had debulking and noe on Carbo / Gemzar . I have more questions than answers but learning as i go along . I am really enjoying yourvaluable and encouraging stories .

First i want to ask if there is anything i can do to cope with my head spinning all the time , almost like severe low blood pressure but my BP is normal

Second question about Gemzar . Did anyone experience the extreme burning during chemo

My last is about exercise . Besides walking for 20 -30 min I have not done much else . I am surprised to hear about patients cycling , yoga , pilates . i would love to but are just too nauseous and off balance . You guys rock ! Xx

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Hi .ive replied to your original post!


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