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Hi Ladies-

This may seem like a strange topic but for all of you that have pets and little children I just read an article of how toxic our urine is (perhaps sweat) when we are trying to rid our system of the by products of chemo that we urinate out. They say to flush twice to rid the bowl of the toxic waste. This can be very harmful to pets that drink out of the toilet bowl. Yikes!!! My dogs do not but I know a lot do. Just a warning to protect all of our canine companions!!!

XX Carol

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  • Yes I thought if this too... I have two gorgeous labs and would hate to think I had poisoned them I love cuddles so I am wary of protecting them 🐶

  • Eew! Never thought of it that way but I am sure you are right.

    Luckily cat shows no inclination in that department 😄

  • Yes, I read that when I was having chemo and always flushed twice and made sure the lid was down too!!

    I thought it funny that I wasn't actually told that but had to find it out myself!

    Clare xx

  • My husband asked me about this, but I had no idea if it was true or not! My cats do drink out of the toilet (gross!!) so I've been more careful about putting the lid down etc.

  • Interesting topic I never knew that you had to flush the loos twice, my dogs are smallies and wouldnt be able to reach the bowel, I would think there is a point to it mind you and also after the ct scans moreso as we are possibly flushing out radio active substance,

  • I'd never heard of this!!

    I googled it because I thought it was odd... But the cancer council of New South Wales in Australia has it on their website, along with a warning about not performing oral sex on a person who has had chemo in the last seven days.

    How wasn't I told this?!

    (Not that I was ever up to much a week after chemo... but I was sexually active throughout.)

  • I was told to use a separate toilet from rest of family and keep the lid closed, not kiss anyone, wash the bed sheets frequently and that my body sweat was toxic for days after treatment. I live in US.

  • I was told the first time I had chemo that I was to wipe round the seat and flush twice for the first week but then 3nd lone and following they said I didn't have to. I don't know if that cos I've not had taxol since but other chemo, carbo, gem, cisplatin, caelyx, or because the advice has changed.

  • This is so true. If you can, use a different toilet from children and pets and don't allow your pets to lick you. Oh and never ever allow a pet to drink out of a toilet.

  • I also was never told. I ran across this in a book I have about surviving Chemo. Can we hold babies to our skin??? Not enough info out there. It bad enough what we have to go through w/o hurting someone else.

  • This has made me think about the loos in the chemo units in hospitals! Help!

  • In the toilets in my chemo area there was a patient toilet, and a visitors toilet.

    I'm guessing we were all so toxic it wasn't an issue, haha

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