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I asked my oncologist about the pain and he said it was the chemo/treatment working in my body. That as long as the pain comes and goes it's fine. He would be concerned if the pain was constant and didn't go away.

My platelet count was a little low so they only gave me half of my dosage of taxol. I was a little worried on how this would effect my treatment?? Any thoughts? I was told that it's common with the chemo.

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  • Try not to worry, a dose reduction is quite normal. They can tweak the dose to suit your body, some people (me included) just can't take the 'full' dose. My Onc always says it's about finding the right balance for me, enough to do it's job but not so much that it makes me really ill.


  • My Onc did offer to reduce my chemo dose when I kept getting neutropenia .. He said there's no evidence that a lower dose is less effective . Apparently this is also true for Avastin which could be given at half the dose and still effective but it isn't licenced in Uk at lower dose...hope he gave you some pain relief? Xx L

  • Yes don't worry, my Taxol was reduced after chemo 1, reduced again after chemo 2 and finally stopped complete after chemo 4. All due to my side effects and rashes, neuropathy etc. Last two sessions were Carbo only for me.

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • Sorry to hear you have been suffering. For your aches and pains, have you tried Epsom salt baths? They can really help, but you need to put a generous amount in to have the best result. Obviously not a substitute for 'real' pain relief, but I found them very helpful for muscle and bone pain after chemo - so much so that I still have Epsom baths a few times a week and have a 25kg tub of it in my garage!

  • Hi, beetroot juice is good for raising platelets. Mine went from 29 to 223 in the ten days I was drinking this and I still do. Worth a try. Good luck Gilly xxx

  • My taxol was reduced too, by 30% I think, due to neuropathy. I agonised over the lower dose "oh God, will it still work?"

    It's 10 months post Chemo-don't know about cure but I've gone from 3C to no sign of disease at present. Last CA125 at 8. Stay with it, make yr Onco yr best mate & try to have someone with u EVERY time u see him who actually listens!!!

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