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Transgender and LGBT community

Hi lovelies,

I’ve been thinking the past few days about the transgender community and the rest of the LGBT community especially female-male as we’re all aware you can still get OC even if everything has been taken away I was just wondering how we as a community might get the word out to everyone as we all know OC is rarely talked about in general as most people assume it’s more of a genetic thing rather than it could be anyone thing but I think it’s worth the whole world knowing that this is there and even if everything is gone you could still be at risk, obviously we have awareness cards and stuff like that but I’m thinking more media based any ideas anybody??? Xxx

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I hadn't thought about the points you raise before, but as you say it's hard enough to get doctors to start investigations when what is perceived as a "heteronormal" woman has symptoms. I would expect it to be harder for anyone outside of this and it certainly gives cause for concern. Sorry that I don't have advice to give but I want to express my support for anyone and everyone suffering from this rubbish disease.

Hope things going well for you and yours x


I support someone with OC so it’s very handy for the information xxx


Hi Callmemum, As we all know awareness of ovarian cancer needs more exposer here in Australia we hear a lot about breast cancer which is a very good thing, the reason is the celebrity's who help in the media, cricket games dress in pink, walks give quite a lot of exposer becourse of this, breast cancer has now 85% success rate that is great.

We need to get a few well known faces on a awareness campaign, February is ovarian cancer month here and last February I did notice a little more attention our parliament all wear teal ribbons but we need much more.

As you have pointed out this needs to be address across the Transgender and the LGBT the WHOLE ovarian community we all need to "wholeheartedly" join together.

I did arrange with my local paper last February to do a piece on ovarian cancer we need to just keep trying for now and the future.

Take care best wishes to you and your special one ,,Lorraine xx


Hi Callmemum,

This is a really thought provoking post...the whole topic of OC never entered my thoughts before being diagnosed myself, let alone any of the wider implications.

I did an interview with a local paper about Ovarian Cancer, and have given a talk at a fund raising lunch about my experience. I wonder if there is anyone from the transgender community who could talk about their experience to raise awareness?

I think March is the UK’s OC awareness month, so it would be good to tie it into that. From speaking to my local paper, it seems that journalists are quite happy to do feature pieces on the topic of OC generally. It might be that a bigger publication could do a story to reach the wider LGBT community? It would be worth investigating now if you have any contacts so that it works from a timing perspective.

Vicki x

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Hello all

You may be interested in this article I linked to on our Facebook and twitter last month, if you missed it. It is written by a non-binary person discussing their experience of ovarian cancer:


Best wishes


Ovacome Support Service Manager


Thanks for sharing that, Anna.


Thank you Anna, It's hard to understand the every day straggles trans and LBGT have to go through in everyday life let a lone with ovarian cancer.

The old saying "Till you walk in my Shoes"..Cheers Lorraine

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Hi, perhaps also something to consider within the trans and LGBT community is that they have a large exposure to homones during transition and it can be said that they may have a link to ovarian cancer. This was one of the questions asked of me during my diagnosis. It is of concern. I admire all of you trying to lift the profile of ovarian cancer. I have put posts of my Facebook and talked to everyone I know about it. I hadn’t thought to contact my local paper but I will. I am in contact with an amazing woman who lives in a town called Mackay here in Queensland who has started up a charity who raises funds through lunches and events. She has called them Nude Lunch because it strips everything from you this cancer. As a ovarian cancer charity I am pleased that the profile of ovarian cancer is starting to be lifted. Sharon.

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Very good point and reminds me of the identical issue someone told me about recently of prostate cancer after transition...


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