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An interview with Gill

Hey All!

I follow the Gill Harler fund on Facebook I believe it is run by Gills Daughter. Anyway she just put up a post there to say that this evening on ITV Westcountry at 6pm there will be an interview with Gill about raising awareness of OC. We don't have that ITV here in Ireland but for those of you in the UK who have it I just thought I would mention it in case you are not on FB and didn't see the post!


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That's my TV channel so thank you for letting us know.

I dropped off a lot of the BEAT handbag cards and one if the posters from Gill yesterday in my medical centre so hopefully I'll see them when I'm there next



Hi D, that's great thanks for telling us. I am in the South East so don't think I can get it. I am still giving Gilly's cards out & think of Gilly often. Bless her she is a wounderful person!!! Take care Cindyxx

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For a while I have been wondering what people mean on this forum when they put FB. Now I know!!!! Thanks for putting the longhand first!!! Alison (not a social media expert!)


Thanks D,

I don't think I can get it either, but I am still handing out her awareness advertisements,Id just like to wish her well,I don't want to bother her and her family by pm her anymore,but send lots of love

Carole xxx


Hi Carole, I feel the same I don't want to pm her because she needs all her strength to fight this but like you I wish her well.

I am so upset how many ladies are being found with advance oc it's shocking. Grade 4 on here is becoming very common. Let's hope with Gilly & us ladies we will make a difference. Take care Cindyxx


Hi to all,

I would love to see Gillys interview but I'm in Australia.

I have posted Gilly and her daughter karen and was so impressed with the great work they have done on awareness.

Karen sent me out Gillys handbags.

February is ovarian cancer month here but still is one of the cancer that needs a lot of


My local shopping center is having a awareness day with a big morning tea all the shop will join in .

I have given Gillys bags to all the shop and Will hand out some on the day, hoping we can reach as many ladies as possible.

And to think Gillys hand bags will help awareness on the other side of the world.

When I read on this site how many young women are fighting this beast it's devastating.

I told my GP that I feel like I'm the oldest (71) he said that people of my age are computer illiterate,

He must think I came off the ark.

Well ladies I'm off to have my port cleaned before my next chemo.

Love to all Lorraine xx


I don't think I can get it either but amazing Gilly is still doing interviews for awareness she is such a strong lady. Still think of her often. Will see if can view it on FB. Thanks For letting us know Hogwarts xxx


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