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social security disability

Hi Ladies,

Anyone applied for social security disability? Since I am diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer and undergoing tretment like dose dense carbo taxol for 6 cycles and then surgery ,follow up chemo....I dont know how long it will take to finish my tretment? I dont know the outcome of it? Any ideas and tips regarding the social security disability? Anyone got approved?

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If you,ve been told you're non-curable speak to your Onc or CSN you may be able to get a DS1500 which fast tracks your application for PIP (Personal Independence Payment) and ESA. My hospital have a Macmillan benefit nurse and she did all the paperwork for me. Processed and in my bank within 10 days. I hate getting it but it makes life so much easier and it's one less thing to worry about, I know now I can pay my bills whatever happens.



I live in NewJersey,USA . thanks any way.


Perhaps speak to your CNS and Cancer support Office at your hospital if there is one there. The American Cancer Society should also be able to help you.


I live in NH, and was diagnosed with Stage 4 as well. I was already retired and on Social Security, so I can't help you. There may be a social worker at your hospital who can answer your question, or refer you to whoever can.

BTW, I have been in remission for almost 20 months now.

I wish you the very best......JudyV


I'm in the UK so probably no help. I applied but didn't get anything as they said I'd be ok after treatment, which was true, that was 5+ years ago. The cancer charities here are trying to get a shorter award, to cover the usual 6 months of treatment. It's given for a longer period here so isn't relevant or helpful to us. I'm on my 4th treatment for recurrence now and haven't applied again.


Hi Sundravalli,

Yes, I applied for social security disability as I knew my treatment was going to be longer than the 6 month temporary disability I was on. This was the second time I applied, denied in 2008 with my second cancer. I was approved in may, 2016 due to my latest cancer primary peritoneal cancer, stage 3. I suggest listing all the issues you have regarding your inability to return to work. Have your docs on your side, etc. List all the things you can't do anymore due to this illness or other permanent illnesses you have. I have mobility, range of motion issues, permanent sciatica from a nasty fall I took. Things like that will help your case. I also have IBS which has affected me being able to work.

If you have any other questions just contact me again.


Thank you so much for the encouragement and information. I am filing thru online for SSD.. I requested my Oncologist to give the document..Thanks again for guidance.


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