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Hi I have been to my GP with very bad heavy periods! Was referred to Gynae who done an ultrasound and found an 8.5cm cyst on my ovary! Consultant then done bloods inc a CA125, my nerves are shot and they only took the blood yesterday! He said it is a complex cyst and they are worried about it so I am getting a transvaginal ultrasound next week and he filled out forms for op! He has keyhole/whole ovary/open surgery on the form! I'm so worried he wasn't very helpful 😥😥

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Ca125 doesn't take too long to process - only an hour or so in a specialist centre, so GP should have it in a day or so. However, CA125 can be up simply with inflammation or infection, so a high reading doesn't necessarily mean ovarian cancer. If you are pre-menopausal the reading also drastically changes through your cycle. Best wishes - I hope it is simply a cyst - statistically it is much more likely to be so.


HI Leahys30 and welcome to the site, I notice where you are from and there is also an Irish site Ovacare. Ovacare is a group for those with Ovarian Cancer and Coffee Mornings to assist those with the illness are held in Dublin and Cork so check out the website. Now to answer your question, here in Ireland the test takes about a week to come back. It is done in a special lab here away from the other blood tests. Now remember that the 125 can be up for other reasons too. I would say you are getting the attention you need at the moment as the consultants would be more proactive to make sure the best possible outcome for you. So take it step by step, you cant hurry the results, more than likely you will be told them when you see the consultant next week. I am sorry you didnt find the consultant as kind as he should be. Sometimes they have a huge workload and forget we are people. So take it day by day and week by week for the moment. If you are worried go and speak to your gp meantime. They cover all angles when they are assessing you so try not to worry, the consultant will know more after the ultra sound or you could be referred for a ct scan. I wish you the very best and if you are worried at all you can message me through this site.


Hi Thanks for your replies! Forgot to mention I am only 29! I had a missed call from the hospital today rang my consultants secretary back she said there are results in but she needs the doctor to ring me! So I'm not sure did the consultant ring me or maybe the gynae for scan app!! They left no message typical I would miss the call at work! Will hopefully hear tomo! Thanks again for replies!


Just rang my doc CA125 was 30 and he just said haemoglobin was low! he wasnt sure what to be looking for!!?


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