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Ca125 count 72 nothing on X-ray

Hi anyone experience high ca125 count 72 , X-ray showing nothing . Dull period pain ache still there all the time . What to do next . I have had the coil refitted as experiencing bleeding / spotting all the time , that has settled now . Still worried about count it has to be repeated in November . I have had two breast lumps one a papaloma other a cyst .

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Are you serous cell or clear cell?



Hi Lily Anne , I'm not sure . When I've ask what my result is only told the number , which I'm sure should sit around 35 but mine rising . Had three tests done and still rising. Two X-rays done nothing showing up . Going to wait and see what next test is and if still high will ask doc to refer back to hospital

Think I may have post this thread on wrong forum sorry


Wish you all the best love,this site is for ovarian cancer



Thanks yep realised that once I posted question , wishing everyone well x


Hi Hun, this is Cindy's daughter in law. What you have described is very simular to Cindy when she found out about OC bleeding/spotting normal ultrasounds and x-rays didn't pick up anything got told it was middle aged spread. If I were you I would go and get your ovaries checked. I dont want to panic you but a CA125 count of 72 could indicate a cancerous tumour/cells. When Cindy was first diagnosed her CA125 was 697. Cindy's doctor has told us a CA125 count of 35 or below is normal. Make an appointment at the doctors for them to refer you up the hospital and DON'T take no for an answer.

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