Raised ca125 but nothing found on tv ultrasound? Advice please?

Hi everyone,

I've been fully symtomatic of ovca and concerned since April. Continuous bloat, nothing fits, running to toilet, abdominal pain, change in bowel habits. Generally feeling unwell everyday. My dr ordered ca125 which was 98, a tv ultrasound showed nothing untoward. I'm still not convinced that I have nothing to worry about, I'm certainly not imagining the symptoms!!! Anyone go through anything similar or if it were you, what would your next step be? Appreciate any feedback. Thank u :)

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  • I would ask your provider if you could have a CAT Scan of the abdomen and pelvis.

  • Ct scans of abdomen and chest.

    Look up ascites and peritoneal cancer. Get a referral to an oncology GYN.

  • Just going through this exact thing w/my grandmother. She had those symptoms since July. Only reason they checked and found her cancer was b/c she mentioned that her father died of pancreatic cancer, so they wanted to look into it. They started w/barium ct scan of abdomen and could see the bottom of her lungs. They had fluid in the lining around them. She is starting chemo tomorrow morning, and we just saw the oncologist on Tuesday and had the CT of chest Tuesday. It goes quickly, so try to start with a good dr if you can. You'll be with them for the initial, especially if things progress quickly like hers has. She also has a clot on her lung, and cyst on left ovary.

  • How long ago was your CA125 test?

    If 6 weeks or so, it could be worth asking for another one, as a rise can be an inidicator of something not right.

    I think this rise, if there is one, would need to be confirmed by more tests over a longer time frame.

    Good luck!

  • I had all those symptoms too, the only difference was noboduy carried out my CA125. I had a TV USS too and my GP was advised no cysts. 3 months later I fell apart in my office, the consultant I worked for got me a private consultation that day with a consultant gynaecologist who, luckily for me was a cancer specialist. he found the cyst on the same type of scan and he carried out my CA125. It was a junior Dr that carried out my first scan!

    Your blood test is raised. This must be further investigated. If you are over 50 please do not accept irritable bowel syndrome as a diagnosis. Ask for further investigation or second opinion.

    Good luck.


  • I dont want to worry you but to be sure do ask for a ct scan of thorax and tummy as soon as possible. Your 125 could be raised from other things benign but best to follow it up

  • Not much to add here except the advice above is worth taking and do not stop until you get answers for the raised ca125. Best wishes x Trish

  • Not much to add here except the advice above is worth taking and do not stop until you get answers for the raised ca125. Best wishes x Trish

  • Not sure if my reply went before I finished but agree with everyone make sure you get chest scan as well and try not to worry until you have all results, & believe me I know this is not easy but you have to talk to yourself. It maybe something easily treatable.

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