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Hello all,

I started my first cycle of chemo yesterday. I had a rough night before. But yesterday I had such good spirits and felt so at peace! Thanks for all the support. I haven't felt any symptoms yet. Remember I'm still recovering from a c section a week ago and now the chemo. I know the symptoms will come but for now I actually feel better.

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  • Hi Ange Glad to hear your chemo went well and that you are feeling ok. Take the good days and enjoy the time with your beautiful baby (congrats btw) and rest when you need to. Any questions or feel the need to rant we are all here for you . Kathy xxx

  • So pleased you feel better... Once the fear of the unknown as past and you know exactly what your facing it is easier ... Your doing so well be proud of yourself 😍😍👏🏻👏🏻

  • That's great news! You have been through a lot,but you will get there and of course you have that lovely baby!

    Carole xxx

  • Rooting for you Ange. Take care.


  • Ange,

    I know it seems ironic but you do feel better once the chemo starts I think it relates to actually actively doing something about getting rid of the cancer rather than sitting around waiting! I really admire the fact that you are facing into this after just having a C Section which is major surgery and having a little person to take care of also, you are a star! The main thing is to listen to your body and take it easy on yourself! Drink loads of water, I know I am like a broken record when it comes to this but it really does make a huge difference!

    I hope you get through all of the chemo with as little difficulty as possible and are able to enjoy the new arrival at the same time.

    Mind yourself!


  • Glad you are feeling a bit better, take care xx

  • Well done Ange! X

  • Make the most of every day and hour when you feel well. Chemo is hard anyway but you also have a young one to care for. I hope you have lots of help but your positive attitude will see you come through this.

  • congrats on your baby! happy to hear that you did fine on your first chemo session, I felt good on my first one too, no side effects, gonna have the 2nd one tomorrow, I really hope that it's going to be the same as the first one, I'm scared of nausea, when I was in the hospital for 8 days I probably lost 15lbs because of nausea, I couldn't keep anything down, I do not want to feel that again so I'm a bit scared, I hope we all get through this, good luck!

  • I was diagnosed 2 years ago after i blew out my large intestine and thought this was the end of my life as i know it, then had 16 rounds of chemo and never got nausious, i was tired afterwards but just for a few hours, only down fall i had with chemo was chemo brain and the metallic taste, i found out to battle the taste i used lemon drops it helps. My taste has come back after chemo.realized this is just a speed bump in life, i can take the speed bumps and pot holes and this vehicle will hold up to it as long as i keep it filled with love ,support, and loving family and friends. It will keep going, we can do this this monster doesnt define who we are we define who we are and what we want to make of it. We are wariorrs ,

  • You will get through this and I know exactly what you mean about feeling at peace when treatment starts as it is a positive thing. Enjoy those early days with your baby too xx

  • Good for you! I have a suggestion that helped me throughout my 6 months of treatment. Keep a daily log of how you feel, how you coped and what meds you took. It will help you to know what and when to expect similar side effects with upcoming chemos. Like I knew days 3 to 5, my bones and joints were going to hurt. Days 6 to 15, I would have zero appetite, etc. It helps to expect and have on hand the meds or protein shakes you will need.

    Congratulation on your little one! I cannot imagine going thru this right after giving birth. Hugs!

  • I second this - it was also v useful for reporting back to consultant before chemo 2 and allowed nausea meds to be tweaked for the extra days I felt sick after the chemo 1 anti sickness drugs ended!

    Enjoy and maybe document the lovely moments with your baby to give you a sense of balance - I also write about my lovely (short!) walks and my new puppy!


  • Well done! One down and five (?) to go! The nurse who looked after me at my first chemo told me to celebrate each one as an achievement on the road to getting better, and I have. Tomorrow will be my last round of chemo (assuming my platelets have recovered enough!), and I am so pleased to have made it - still smiling and looking forward to the future.

  • Good for you Ange. Keep up the good spirit and the positive attitude. It will really help you get thru this ordeal Hugs to you.

  • Hi Ange

    Great to hear your chemo went well, do remember too be kind to yourself, good luck with your treatment plan.

    Ellsey xx

  • Glad it went ok, it varies on how you feel, I know I tended to be OK the day after chemo due to steroids and then I would feel sick for a couple of days, but I found that taking anti sickness before you feel sick helps, so was taking one at night and in the morning and this helped when sickness did kick in and I managed to manage the sickness ok. You may get aches and pains that then kick in for a few days, by mid second week I would start to pick up and feel better. Ginger is great and pineapple helps get rid of yucky taste in your mouth.

    Take it easy, a peaceful mindset is spot on in dealing with this and looks as if you are off on the right step!

    Wish you all the best xx

  • Hello Ange

    So happy you are doing well and being a super mum at the same time ! This is my second chemo treatment in 5 years and I had forgotten the feeling of relief that something is being done . You will notice that lots of women are saying this. The steroids for the first few days are a great help . I was buzzing for the last 2 days but I am prepared for a withdrawal slump from today . It may not even happen but I do hope I don't continue like a Duracell bunny forever ! You can end up feeling really tired when going too much with false steroid energy.

    You are doubly great as you also had surgery to deal with which I didn't . I am more than twice your age so I am bound to also have some senior citizen twinges ! Keep that optimistic vibe you have now. Just take one day at a time. You may never feel nauseous as I didnt but if you do there are lots of solutions as the other ladies have pointed out. Enjoy your lovely baby . My niece had her first baby on Mon and can't sleep as she is besotted and wants to keep minding her constantly . I hope you have time to rest. Take care and keep in touch


  • I'm glad you're feeling well after chemo. It might help to take nausea meds every day for 3 days following treatments. It made me feel better. Enjoy your time with the baby and sleep or rest when you feel you need to. Take care and good luck

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