Had my CT yesterday then saw the Dr. Told me I didn't qualify for the clinical trial because my tumor s weren't big enough?? I just got done with the carbo/taxol. He said my cancer was growing even while doing the treatments. I have shared this info earlier now I am hoping to get into mayo. I he also told me I don't have a lot of time ..... how do I handle this??? I feel like he is just dropping the ball

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  • Hi Have you requsted a second opinion? I definitely think I would ask. Sending you a big hug. Kathy xx

  • Yes waiting on mayo in Rochester Minnesota

  • Yes that statement does seem double loaded, there are many other treatments out there if you are resistant to carbo taxol, Certainly seek a second opinion and I hope the Mayo will come up trumps for you, How to handle it would be to speak to a counsellor who will tease out your worries, there should be a support group in your area you can contact or ring the American Cancer Society. So your tumours arent big enough but they are growing that doesnt make sense.

  • Yes we are praying for Mayo and soon..

    Thank you so much


  • I definitely feel a second opinion is warranted and hope you get an appointment with the Mayo Clinic soon. I would stress the need to be seen urgently based on your conversation with your onc. If the first person can't help, ask to speak to someone more senior and so on. That tactic worked for me after I realized the first gyn/onc I was referred to was not a good fit.

    Hope you get some answers soon.


  • We are I actually had to fill out the info for Mayo as to why I wanted a second opinion.

  • I Definately think you should seek a second opinion, I'm not sure I like his bedside manner!

    There are so many options out there and you need to find an onc that is prepared to share them with you,all is not lost,just do a bit of research and find another specialist with the get up and go to advise you.

    Also, as Suzuki said a counsciller at this time would be a help,

    Good luck,

    Carole xx

  • Hi Carole no I was angry yesterday I don't think he really gives a care

  • mrist, your onc sounds burned out! The fact that your tumors are "too small" is a good thing!!! My doc is Daniel Veljovich at Pacific Gynecology Specialists in Seattle. They work with OC patients all day, 5 days a week. I would also contact him for an opinion.

  • It sounds like it's just a job to him,not a vocation,if you are angry it will give you the impitus to carry on,channel that without getting stressed.

    Loki after yourself and let us know how you get on


    Carole xx

  • This sounds like a horrible experience for you & I can't believe he was not more sympathetic. Bedside manners, though, are just not shared by all doctors. Stay calm, rest & eat as healthily as possible so you feel strong enough to push for earliest appt at Mayo. Write down EVERYTHING you need to know-if we try hardest we can for OURSELVES as well as trusting kind knowledgeable experts, there can be no regrets.

    Everyone living thing we know; friends, lovers, blades of grass!!!! will pass on - we can only make sure it happens as late as possible! Sorry if that's just a platitude, but I remind myself sometimes I am not immortal, & that fool medic did not have to remind you in such a way.

  • Thank you and I agree

  • Yes, it is worth getting a second opinion . Look for someone that specializes in your type of cancer.

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