Holiday time

Holiday time

Hello ladies I decided to go on a motorbike trip to France, Germany and Switzerland! So far we've covered 1300 miles and the views have been spectacular. Now you may think I'm completely mad (possibly!) but having finished chemo 8 wks ago and now on Avastin for 12 more cycles.. I decided sod it I can do this trip! I grant you I'm tired but I am having the best time ever with my partner and 29 other bikers.. It really is awesome! Love Michelle xx

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  • Michelle I am truly in awe!!! Good for you!!!!



  • Good on you!

  • Have fun xx

  • Well done you. Enjoy !

    Judy xx

  • Wow! Looks amazing..respect to you! XxL

  • Hi Michelle Looks fantastic I am off to Switzerland in a couple of weeks with my sister,enjoy x Pam x

  • What a great post, Michelle. I'm so impressed with your positive attitude, and can only imagine what 30 bikers coming down some of those Alpine roads looks like!!

  • Awww michelle so pleased for you views look fantastic xx

  • I admire your strenght and determination anything is possible, that is a fantastic view, stay well and enjoy the trip

  • You go girl! You aren't mad, just living the life, we only do it once xxx

  • OMG would so love to be with you! looks fantastic, have a great time xx

  • You sure are mad Michelle.



  • I don't think you are mad at all. It sounds amazing. Put the last few months behind you and go for it!


  • Wow all round - your guts, your attitude and that amazing view! Xx

  • Amazing view, good for you, life is always a gamble more so with this disease.

    Have fun !


  • That's fantastic. I'm sure the fresh air and the fun are doing you more good than any medication

    Power to you

    LA xx

  • Fantastic photo Michelle and glad you are having such a great trip!

  • Fantastic. What an adventure xx

  • Love it! Have a fab trip. I'm booking a holiday as soon as I've finished chemo in September - can't wait to get away.

  • Wonderful! We have to grab our opportunities when we can! Love the mountain scenery and the air is so pure up there it must do good! Xx

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