Smoothies and carrot juice throughout treatment

I just wanted to post this to say how much it helped me when I underwent treatment. I would have apple, pear, banana, satsuma and different supplements. Also, had carrot juice everyday. I never had constipation and the nurses were always surprised I did not need laxatives. Actually, I still have the smoothies and carrot juice. I can also recommend energy p!us milkshake for energy. It helped me so much with the tiredness.

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  • Hi pish - I'm going through 3rd line and try to have a nutri bullitt most days with different fruits and always spinach based - tiredness still a major factor with me unfortunately 😕😕.

    May try a milkshake though - hadn't considered that one! Hope you're keeping well xx

  • Hi Max

    Sorry to hear about the tiredness. I still use the energy drinks from time to time. They can be prescribed on the NHS. I am ok and have my first three month follow up in September, plus an appointment with Liver specialist next day. Very best wishes to you. xx

  • Morning, couple of things to add to veg/fruit smoothie mix which is part of my daily non-constipation strategy too:-

    1) even 3 years after finishing the second lot of to have a tablespoon or two of milled flaxseeds (linseed) on cereal or yoghurt each morning and half a sachet of Movicol each evening and

    2) during the second chemo (dose dense carbo-taxol+ avastin) my tummy rejected the prescription nutri-drinks and any volume of milk, so my GP prescribed 'Procal' (a white, taseless liquid, a tablespoon of which packed in 150calories) and 'Maxijul' (white tasteless powder) to sprinkle on anything I could eat and both of these helped give energy at those times when yur tummy can't take in the volume or type of food which nourishes your body properly.

    Hope the day is as good as it can be.


  • Well done you. Keeping well IS about making getting through illness your OWN project, your OWN destiny. You have great admiration from me. Gio

  • Morning blooming hot again, anyone like a hug

  • Yes please, feeling very wobbly for no real reason, just a bad few days in my head! xx

  • Thankyou a lovely morning here for a change and sending you a hug back thank you

  • That sounds interesting Lesley - may look into that. Do have a flaxseed and nut mix on cereal every morning but still sometimes things are stubborn! !

    And rather soggy in the Midlands today but muggy 😣😣😣

  • I get fatigue, I have multiple sclerosis primary progressive, nuts seeds are good , homebargains have mixed nuts for £1.59 200grm. Almonds walnuts cashews hazelnuts. Also seeds etc worth going to

  • I have a green juice every day as in green apples, cucumber, celery carrots and superfood mix which includes kale beetroot and spinach and of course my ginger root. I started on flaxseed and fell by the way side so going to start again on that,

  • Stuffed myself full of fruit, bran flakes etc, etc but still got terminal constipation! Only the laxatives worked. Sooooo glad it works for you-keep going!! The fatigue only really kicked in for the last 2 cycles and I'm still fighting it but it is getting better. I find energy drinks help-stop the dizzy spells.

    Can't do nuts and seeds-sends my IBS potty.

    Still feeling good though-woke up feeling like a human being today, not a human struggling!

    Loads of hugs to all you brave fantastic ladies!

    Lou xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Cant you put your nuts in a grinder?

  • I have not tried that, not sure mine would take it.

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