Feeling very scared

Hi Everyone

Total hysterectomy plus omentum last August. Low grade serous cancer but left with positive micro cells - 6 rounds of carbo/taxol ended January. Last 2 CA125 @ 11. CT scan July and have 3 month checkup on Thursday and I am scared! Been having lots of tummy pains and have a strange popping feeling in mid rift when I cough or sneeze - this has been tested for hernia which was negative. Lots of tenderness around belly button - not when pressed just a feeling! I am also so stiff after sitting. I have a hyper parathyroid benign tumour which is being removed in Sept and don't know what symptoms relate to that or what could be brewing from the micro cells. I know it's only 2 more days to wait until outpatient appt but ....

Heho it will be what it is and I will tackle it.

P.s. Is anyone else fed up with all the cancer adverts on TV?

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  • Hi Bev

    Sounds like you've already been through the mill a bit & your anxiety over these latest revelations is completely natural. I'm sure the pains you're experiencing are associated with your benign tumour & nothing else (I hope its removal is easy & swift for you in sept) but your anxieties are heightened due to your upcoming regular check up I'm sure.

    Easy to say I know, but try & relax over these next 2 days & know that whatever the outcome, you are strong & you will cope.

    You've found a wonderful community here with fabulous people who can offer pearls of wisdom & endless support.

    Sending a huge virtual ((hug)) in the meantime & wish you well for your check up.

    Jemima xx

  • Hi Bev

    Has you seen the new info about hormone blockers and low grade? Really interesting and exciting.

    I'm just discussing it with my doctor and I'm trying to get them to prescribe it.

    Maybe something you can discuss with your doctor.

    Gives us low grader some hope 😊

    I had my appointment yesterday and my back was sore, today after the appointment it's all gone. I'm sure it's stress. Hoping it's the same for you.

    Take care


  • thank you - have u any links to the hormone blockers with low grade - although dont think I have any hormones left! x

  • Hope that link works. Are you on the Inspire group? It's mostly a USA support group but because of numbers of patients they have a little subsection of low grade. Some of these ladies are saying thier doctors as using words like 'game changer'. It looks really positive. Hope you find it useful. I printed it off and took it to my oncologist.

    Good luck

  • Oh and this only came out in June so they might not b3 aware yet.

  • I can totally understand how you are feeling, I've just read your post after adding mine - I really wish you all the very best for Thursday and will have everything crossed for you. As for adverts, yes definitely fed up with them - just like we're never allowed to forget for a moment that we're one of the affected ones. On the plus side, it does help raise awareness and keeps donations coming in. Take care. Ali xx

  • So agree with you and Ali the adverts are just another reminder that I've got cancer!!! They are not uplifting just depressing πŸ˜– Try not to worry too much it's two days which will fly past. All the best for your results and the removal of your benign tumour big hugs 😍😍

  • thank you all for your best wishes, it does help xx

  • Hi Bev ,

    Just want to wish you all the best,try not to worry it may be a storm in a teacup.

    I have a routine scan in October and have spent the last 2 months and will the next 2 months worrying about it,I think we all do.

    Try and spend the next couple of days doing things you enjoy to divert yourself,pamper yourself and rest as much as you can.

    I too am fed up with all the cancer adverts,I can be having a good day and not have thought about the c word and.........along they come,can we ever forget?

    Carole xxx

  • HI Bev dont be so down, its normal to be worried about getting scans and the lovely blood tests and the the horrendous waiting for the results. I am always up to ninety before the scan and I come out and tell myself well what is there is there and I cant change it and that calms me down a bit. I have also done Mindfulness which is helping me to be more focused on other things. I wish you the very best with the scan and also the result, sending you a hug and be gentle on yourself you are only human

  • Thank you all for all your replies but I really don't understand myself.

    Had a phone call from hospital yesterday asking if I minded my appt being put back 2 weeks and like an idiot made a new appt for 15th Sept - what was I thinking!

    My first reaction was that that's great they obviously don't think I am urgent, and that was my daughters reaction also. But havnt stopped worrying about it since.

    I am not a worrier normally but this disease takes over your mind as well as your body.

    I will phone my nurse this morning and discuss with her but I am so mad with myself.


    I would eat chocolate but am doing Slimming World and get weighed tonight.

  • I know how you feel my first three month post chemo check up is coming up next week and I have tummy pains all over most of it is on the right side right below my rib cage and I am just so scared. My main symptom I have ovarian cancer was just urinary frequency, and I have been having that again since my hysterectomy ... I know our body has gone through lots of changes and maybe it's just the fear of reoccurrence , that you are not alone . You will be in my prayers right now I hope all is well with you and that it's just typical aches and pains associated with chemo and the hysterectomy . πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈ

  • Hi Laura - my only symptom was urinary frequency also but that hasn't returned. I have just changed my appt back to tomorrow and feel loads better.

    I am getting a strange feeling on my right midriff as if something is popping out when I cough or sneeze. I think most of the tummy pains are bowel movements, I could give concerts with the noises that come from my tummy.

    Thank you for your positive thoughts xx

  • I understand your anxiety. Try to relax and think positive thoughts but if you want to weep, then bring on the Kleenex. I blubbed today, my last chemo session. Felt as if my security blanket had been whipped away. Daft really, as the brilliant onco and nurses are at the end of an email or phone call and 30 mins drive from the house. Sending hugs. You will get through this, believe it. Xxx

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