Supra pubic catheter

Hi lovely ladies. Has anyone experienced urine retention following debulking surgery? Long story short... After 5 failed attempts to insert two types of catheter to drain 2.3 liters of Chateau Oui-Oui from my about to burst bladder, my urologist managed, via brute force ( masses of scar tissue in the area due to 5 abdominal surgeries) to insert a supra pubic catheter.( The poor man got the brunt of the fountain of liquid gold. ) This totally horrid contraption will stay in situ until my miserable bladder learns to empty itself without help.

I never want to go though those awful 6 hours again and tbh, for me it was the lowest point of this nasty,nasty business. It was beyond painful and so, so undignified. The medics were amazing, the epitome of kindness but they weren't having their bits rammed and poked and daubed with Oompa Loompa coloured antiseptic with only lidocaine which, excuse the pun, was piss useless.

So if anyone has been down this wretched road, please let me know. Not sure if my onco will allow me to continue with chemo if the bladder issue continues. My youngest son is getting married on October 8th so having to rethink wedding outfit to accommodate the natty tubing and tap.

A sense of humor failure is fast approaching along with a bout of 'Poor Me' syndrome. 😒😒😒

Take care.

Jeannine xxx

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  • Oh Jeannine,

    You poor thing! I haven't had experience of that,but having the catheter in after the op was bad enough!

    I really hope you have better times ahead,when you are at your lowest point the only way is up,I think we have all lost our modesty and inhibitions by now,

    Sending you lots of love

    Carole xxx

  • Thank you Carole. Xxx

  • Oh Jeannine, what an awful, awful thing to happen πŸ˜• You poor thing.

    I had (very minor) bladder issues after my first op & one of my best pals had retention issues after a particularly nasty bout of sepsis & was rushed to A&E with the issue (& promptly lived with a catheter of a few weeks. So, although no comparison, you have my complete sympathy. I'm hoping your bladder 'bucks up' & starts working on it's own accord ASAP!. It's bad enough dealing with everything else this miserable disease has for it too much to ask to be able to go to the loo without too much of a hiccup!?

    I pray things improve for you & congrats for your son's wedding in Oct. I'm sure you'll look (& hopefully feel) amazing, despite your unwelcome accessory! Something to look forward to πŸ’•

    Jemima xx

  • Thank you xxx

  • Oh Jeannine. That sounds like a terrible ordeal. You do retell it with great humour however. Sending hugs and really hope things improve so treatment can continue. X

  • Thank you xxx

  • What a wonderful sense of humour you have even at this low time. My son recently got married about 10 days after my op. I had swollen tummy and tender abdomen that could not stand a waistband. Needless to say my beautiful dress was a no no. I wore a long maxi dress and a wonderful make up artist hid the bags under my eyes. I walked up to the wedding venue with my son and I felt beautiful. It was a wonderful day. This awful disease puts us through so many awful procedures. The worst part is over. You will be a fabulous grooms mum. Feel better soon big hugs πŸ’•πŸ’•

    Ps I plan to wear my wedding outfit on Thursday night to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary with my family πŸ˜ƒ

  • Thank you. I think I have found something not too tent-like to hide the horrid catheter. Just hope no one bumps in to me as the results could have everyone running for high ground. Enjoy your 30th anniversary celebration with the family. We clock up 40 next year ... Longer than a prison sentence ... But I am uber blessed with my truly wonderful man. Xxx

  • I have absolutely no words of wisdom for you, Jeannine, but sending you masses of sympathy - that sounds like an awful experience (but I bet the relief once your bladder emptied was amazing? Every cloud...). I hope it all rectifies itself very soon for you.

    Chateau Oui-Oui <snort πŸ˜‚>

  • Thank you xxx The relief was immense and wicked me couldn't help giggling at the urologist's wet shoes.πŸ˜†

  • That made me laugh out loud πŸ˜€xx

  • Hi jeannine

    Goodness me. Sounds painful !

    Hope things settle down for your sons wedding

    Love Judy x

  • Thanks. Twas hugely ouchie. I have every flexible part of my anatomy crossed for an improvement / back to normal before my darling Sam's wedding. Xxx

  • Sending you a big hug (((X))) I think you are so brave. I am just getting over a kidney infection which gave me awful wee wee problems so you have my sympathy. Hope you get back to 'normal' soon. X🌷X

  • You are kind ... I so needed a hug. I told my beloved today that the women on this site are truly wonderful, good souls. Xxx

  • and you are one of us xx

  • Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! I've no experience of this so I can only wish you good luck. And all the best for your wedding outfit. Helen

  • Thank you for the ouches and good luck wishes. I think my wedding outfit is sorted ... Xxx

  • Jeannine

    These things often seem less horrid after some time has passed and I hope you find that this just becomes one anecdote to laugh about in the future, as you look at the wedding photos and smile at how beautiful a day you all had at the wedding. Enjoy the wedding. I love the way you describe things - you have a knack for a great turn of phrase.

    All the best


  • Thanks Netti. Being able to look back and laugh about some of the more bizarre experiences will be good. The other day my son Benedict sent me a photo of a pea all alone on a plate. The caption was Pee Retention. Gotta love my boyπŸ˜‚

  • Oh my goodness , it sounds worse than giving birth !

    Poor , poor you ; but I think most of us have got to a point where any sense of dignity and modesty has long gone . You have such a wonderful way with language and you might be at the end of your tether , but you are still making us laugh : both a wonderful gifts to have .

    How wonderful to have your son's wedding as a focus and , a big anniversary too .

    I have had bladder issues and you can get to a point where you dont want to drink !

    But you must , especially Champagne ...

    Very best wishes x

  • Thank you angeladale. I wouldn't know if what I described is worse than giving birth as my sons, like Caesar, were untimely ripped from their mother's womb πŸ˜‹. Take care xxx

  • " Lay on MacDuff and cursed be he who first cries ," hold , enough ! "

  • Hi Jeannine,

    You brave, brave warrior!

    I spent time on a ward with a lady who had a similar experience to you. She and her bladder recovered well but the experience was as traumatic for her.

    I would have thought Oramorph would have been more appropriate than Lidocaine. I hope you swore very loudly.

    I think your humour is amazing especially given the circumstances.

    Rather than rethink your wardrobe for your sons wedding, might I suggest you have another more comfortable, yet equally stylish outfit at the ready - perhaps in a similar colour palette to go with the existing shoes and handbag. I'm sure you'll look knockout either way.

    Sending you positive and happy vibes,

    Much love

    Debs xxx

  • Debs, I will memorize the name Oramorph, should there be a next time. As for swearing ... I used a word immediately understood by the German urologist, the Scots nurse, the Philippina nurse and the Pakistani attendant ... For a moment I felt I was multi-lingual 😜 Outfit sorted ... Just need some seriously cool shoes but no hat. I look like a mutated mushroom in a hat but will probably wear a head dress of some sort as my hair is still pretty short. Love and hugs xxx

  • Oh jeannine,

    That sounds horrible. I have struggled with emptying my bladder in full since my op but nowhere near the struggle you sound to be having,

    I hope you manage to get this sorted so you can continue with your chemo.

    Feeling for you and sending big hugs your way. Xx

  • Bless you. Our struggles are individual and as such, special ... I do hope our badly behaved bladders are soon under control. Hugs and love to you. Xxx

  • So sorry to read about your rotten time. Do hope you can soon be back to pissing water normally - I mean passing water normally!! I do hope you can sort your wedding outfit quickly so that will be one problem less to worry about. Love, Solange 😊

  • Hee hee! My life seems to revolve around recording fluid intake ( sadly just water ... I can't stand the smell of anything else at the mo) and squatting over a malleable measuring jug thingy to record output. Catheter now strapped to my upper thigh with a silk scarf. If I'm going to do this, it's going to be in style. Love J xxx

  • Hi Jeanine

    Your very humorous description made my teeth and mouth water and I could certainly see that you are one brave lady. This disease doesn't do dignity and you seem to have dealt with that aspect with a mixture of humour and determination . What a relief for you but I am sorry you had to go through it. I will not ever complain again about having to get out of bed numerous times during the night !

    I am also sure you will look sensational at your sons wedding. As for dancing , as long as you don't do one of those mad disco moves that involves lying forward balancing on your hands almost prone on the floor while at the same time swinging your legs from side to side , you should be fine. I picture you floating romantically in a beautiful dress that moves gracefully with you in the arms of a dashing handsome man . Good luck


  • You are kind MollyO. I am trying to be brave after a severe bout of 'Poorme-itis which fortunately didn't last very long. As for dancing ... Sam is worried that his mother and her three sisters will embarrass the mustache off him by executing the Minnie Mooch, a dance we all do when we are dying to do a wee, the loo is a long way off and people are watching. It involves a crotch clutching, slides, twirls and an elegant trot at the end. My handsome beloved has two left feet so there'll be no floating romantically either. Hugs xxx

  • Just reading your reply to me made me laugh on a long bus journey to the city with horizontal rain flying by the windows . I must say your dancing exhibition sounds a lot more fun than the sedate one I had suggested. Keep on rocking girl but mind the neighbours !


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