Hi all, so I two weeks ago I had my first lot of carbo / Caelyx for first reoccurrence felt rough for 10 days but really struggled with a rash that appeared across my side and left boob, put it down to a chemo reaction as all the literature I was given talked about skin changes. After stabbing pains in my back during the night I headed to the GP this morning who has diagnosed Shingles I'm gobsmacked!! It definatley explains why I had pains, and felt so very unwell. Felt a bit stupid for not going to the doctors earlier but with the litreture I really did think it was just usual side effects and didn't want to waste the docs time .

Talking it over with the GP it must of kicked in two days after the chemo was given.

Any ways I guess it's just another little hurdle to get over and something to be mindful of.

Love to all....

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  • Gosh that really sounds horrible, Chemo is hard enough without adding in Shingles. I hope you are taking plenty of rest and I expect the gp gave you antivirals. I dont imagine they will interfere with the chemo. Rest when you can and eat when you feel like it. You will be poorly for a few weeks but it will go away in time. Shingles is very painful as you have found to your expense and will add to the fatigue. When finished treatment I would suggest you take vit B 6. Best wishes and hope the discomfort goes away soon

  • Thanks Suzuki, I'll look into those vitamins. Feeling a tad sorry for myself on the sofa but onwards and upwards Lol x

  • I had shingles before diagnosis and it wasnt nice so I really feel for you, make sure to have painkillers if you need them except anything with codeine as that wouldnt help constipation

  • I'm using warm baths and neurofen as my crutch to help xx

  • If the neurofen isnt strong enough ask for something else, I had difene and topped up with panadol. Mine were on the facial nerve,

  • Ouch 😒 You poor thing. Mine are around the left side and boob area, causes huge discomfort with my bra, had to go free the last few days 😄 Xx

  • I got zovirax cream from my gp which helped and also calomile lotion helps. Actually if you have Calomile tea bags put a few in the bath, it wont do any harm. Also use very gentle wash liKe Simple Baby wash with Calomile. Hope they dont stay for too long

  • Oh no ! You poor thing

    I would agree with everything Suzuki has said. Take care of yourself !

    Lots of love

    Judy x

  • Thank you xx

  • Poor you as if you need that on top of chemo! Take care xx

  • Will do thank you xx

  • Poor you. I wish you all the best. Whilst I've never had shingles I know two people who have. It can be incredibly painful. Maybe chemo may lighten the effect, who knows? It seems to work in some extraordinary ways, this chemo.

    Hopefully your medical folks can keep everything under control.


  • Oh my goodness, you poor thing :( how horrible! I really hope you aren't in too much pain & you recover quickly (from the chemo & shingles!)

    Gosh...the hardy aren't half tested! My best wishes to you xx

  • You are so right, we are tested to the limits arnt we 😀 Xx

  • Ooh shingles you poor love. Hopefully you have the tablets and or cream which is soothing and that has already started to make a difference. You probably already know but use a different towel, flannel etc for your shingles area and don't touch your face after touching that area!

    I hope this soon so fades and you're not left with any residual twinges.

    Take care

    Clare x

  • Thanks Clare xx

  • Hi Emalou

    As usual I am way behind everyone else with replies. I do sympathise as I had shingles twice over the years and they were extremely painful . I do recall the second time getting a really expensive one off tablet for it and a cooling spray that formed a type of light film over the area. Sorry I cannot remember what they were called.

    Do you think it was the Carbo that caused it ? Did you ring the hospital first as I thought they would want to know . I did read recently about shingles while on chemo as it does strike when the immune system is low.

    Sorry for giving you more questions than answers ! I hope you feel better soon.


  • Hiya, it's horrible isn't it - the pain is really quite strong feel quite grumpy lol..

    I was late in my diagnosis unfortunately I thought the dull ache was the chemo at work as it was near my left lung where the burgers are and the rash being another reaction as the lit retire I read said about a rash, it was only after a week of itchy and then the pain getting more intense did I go to the GP. She has given me some viral meds but horse and bolted really but under the circumstances said it was worth taking them, the pain has intensified apparently it's to be expected for a while I'm hoping it passes soon. I have let my oncologist know but hasn't heard anything back, keeping fingers crossed my bloods etc are okay for the next round which is 11 days away. I will ask as to what chemo could have triggered it...

    Can't believe you had to go through it twice, that's so unfair xx

  • Hi Emalou

    It's many years since I had it but I recall it very well. Very painful as I think it is your nerve endings that are affected. I think if you had chicken pox as a child it lies dormant and erupts as shingles when your immune system is low which of course it is when you are on chemo. Of course it was long before my diagnosis so I must have between run down each time. I never thought I would get it twice as that is rare. I certainly hope it stays away over the next few months while I am back on chemo .

    I hope you are ok for your next chemo which is I would guess far enough away for you to be ok to get it. That pain can last for a while longer after the virus is gone. By the way being grumpy is also part of it so that should lift too. You poor thing. You needed that like a hole in the head ! The only positive thing is that it'd not the blooming Cancer . Take care


  • Thank you, struggled for the last three weeks getting bloods done today I'm hoping they ok to get chemo x

  • Hi Emalou

    Good luck today and I hope your bloods are ok to go ahead.. I am just lying in bed feeling sorry for myself as I think today is the day I hit the wall ! 7 days after chemo. Let me know how you get on and if you feel like you want to shout about something I am here. Take care


  • As I'm only reading your post now, I trust your feeling better. I've never had shingles but I understand they can be pretty painful. Take care. Ann x

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