Deformed belly!

Hi all! I had debulking surgery and chemo in 2013 and more chemo at the beginning of this year (2015) for a recurrence. I seem to have a hernia as seen on CT scans but my belly is looking more and more deformed by the day ... it now looks like a big bubble and it feels like my 'innards' are falling forward when I stand up! (It is not too bad when I lay down). I am generally OK just a bit tired sometimes but I wondered does anyone else have this? I also get a right lower abdominal pain and pain that feels like it is in the ascending colon from time to time ... also tightness under both sides of my ribs ... but these pains go off after a few days if I take peppermint capsules and a simple diet. Strange! When I have mentioned these pains to my oncologist (and GP) in the past all he said was that 'he was not worried' as my abdomen felt soft to him ... I am not unduly worried but just wondered if it was common ... or if I am just wierd?!!! Thanks guys x

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  • my stomach feels heavy and doctors have said they cant feel anything out of the ordinary.I can .have rib protrusion and tightness in stomach area.nothing I do gives any relief

  • Oh thank you for your reply ... sorry to hear nothing is giving you relief - it is an added complication we don't need isn't it?!!! I think it is more annoying when you get fobbed off by the docs all the time - when I was having pain after weeing earlier this year the surgeon said Oh well that is just the way it is now ... nice !!!

  • I had physio earlier this year and the Gp put the reason down as chronic pelvic pain and prolapse.I didn't know where prolapse came from as never mentioned by GP or any examination carried out but it could account for some of my symptoms.??I don't have any pain passing urine but it is not a "normal flow".

  • Oh - I had so many reasons given for my various pains at the hospital ... every doctor had their own little theory --- fobbing me off more like! I think a lot of problems are from adhesions and also the bowel being out of whack for a long time after surgery and chemo ! My 'flow' is a lot better now ... maybe things down there have readjusted for a while!! Good luck xxx

  • im sure they fobbed me off at hospital as so busy with all beds taken and patients queueing for xrays.knew they didn't/wouldnt take me entirely seriously and as paramedic said he thought it was haitus hernia.Overheard a man talking to nurses and he was waiting for investigation for abdominal pain yet mine not taken seriously.dr that did see me went on about a scan being normal -last ultrasound scan was in February.

  • I think quite a few people end up with hernias, including me, but mine is small. Go back to your GP and explain the uncomfort it is causing you and ask to be reffered for getting it sorted, I have known a few ladies where it is bigger getting the hernia fixed so it is not impossible! Good luck!

  • This is hernia . I have it . I had 4 major surgery and now I find that my ascending colon ( first part of large bowel ) which should have been on right side , is now on my left side and dropped down to almost left side of pelvis with all the accompanied problems of poor bowel movements .

    As I am not able to go through more surgery for this hernia correction , I have started wearing corset underwear and have small easily digestible meals . Seems to help .

  • Thank you for your reply ... it is my ascending colon that feels problematic too !! It has been feeling not too bad for a few days so maybe I will be OK for a little while !!! Good luck to you xxxxx

  • Always best to get it checked out but yes, you sound exactly like I was when I had a hernia - in fact I had multiple hernias when they opened me up. I had repair surgery, which I must admit was pretty tough but all those symptoms disappeared and they did an excellent job of the repair using the same cut line.

    Do get checked though.

    Take care.

    Sandra x

  • Than k you for your reply! I suspect I do have multiple hernias myself ! I will get it checked out but I am currently motorhoming around Europe!! Thanks again for the encouragement and all the best to you xxxx

  • Ooh enjoy Europe.

    X x

  • Hi - I too have a lumpy belly! I first noticed it on the left side of my abdomen just after recurrence in 2013 and as you describe, it was like a bubble and felt squishy if I poked about a bit. My oncologist confirmed that that it was a hernia but was reluctant to do anything about it, although I felt that a bothersome hernia was the last thing I needed. She didn't want to risk opening me up again and risk aggravating the cancer further. I was already feeling very unattractive after my surgery and asked to be referred to a hernia specialist as my googling frenzy seemed to indicate that it wasn't a big job to fix if caught early. However eventually I was dissuaded from going down this route as my OC prognosis wasn't encouraging and I had to consider whether I wanted to spend my time enjoying life or having more surgery and recuperation. With the benefit of hindsight - I'm still here 2 years on and have regained some hope from others on this site that I might be for some time! - I realise what a vulnerable emotional state I was in at that point, doubting my own judgement and letting others make decisions for me. I do wish now that I'd been a bit more assertive and had at least seen the specialist in that area as the hernia has just got progressively worse and although it's not painful it does look unsightly and I'm very self conscious about it. Shapewear is a help - but only with my clothes on! I also can't help wondering if at the time I was advised against doing anything because my prognosis meant that fixing the hernia wasn't cost effective. Best wishes. x

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