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Weight losing

Hi, ladies. Hope you are having a nice and peaceful Sunday. I finished my treatment (7 rounds of chemo and surgery, ovarian cancer 3c) in June 2015. My CA 125 was 9, now it is 21. Apart from that, starting with March I have lost 3 kilos, which is great and that's something i have always wanted to, but not given my condition. Otherwise, I feel fine, had a check-up in July, the doctor said that there was no evidence of the disease. Has anyone experienced the weight loss and still no recurrence? Should I be worried? I will welcome any information. Also, I've been taking curcuma (tumeric). Could it be the reason for losing weight?

Best wishes, Tamara

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hi there, maybe it is because you might have changed your diet to be more veggy and less sugar? If there was no evidence of disease a few weeks back then I wouldnt worry too much. Perhaps you put on weight during treatment and now losing it. If you are indeed worried, do make an appt with your gp for bloods in case your are anaemic etc or get your bloods for thyroid. Your gp should go through your symptoms with you and hopefully put your mind at rest, As a matter of interest are you taking the tumeric as supplement or just using it in cooking. All the best


Thanks Suzuki. Yes, there might be so many reasons for my weigh loss. I have always been careful with what i eat and trying to lose weight, so I guess I should be happy, not complain. I take one teaspoonful of tumeric in a glass of water, as my daughter insisted on it

Best wishes and hugs, Tamara


Hi Tamara

I don't think tumeric should cause weight loss. I use a teaspoon on scrambled egg , omelette or soup most days. I wish it had that effect on


Sorry Tamara . My replies are ending before time today ! I was just saying that I wish the tumeric had that effect on me ! I guess if you think it is very rapid weight loss you should really insist on getting checked but your GP will know if that is so. You may have just more energy to exercise more or have even made changes in your diet . If it continues to be a worry get it checked .



Thank you, MollyO. I really exercise a lot, walk about 7-8 km a day, have a healthy diet, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, but I have been doing it for a long time, about 6-7 years. I hope that it's happening as my metabolism has become stable after the shock I experienced. Thank you for caring. All the best to all the ladies on this forum.

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HI Tamara, I'm now a size 10, 8st.10lbs at the moment. Before my op and chemo I weighed 10st 10lbs. My cyst did weigh 9lbs so that contributed to the weight too. I don't diet but like you eat healthy and do lots of walking. I put the weight loss down to my body changing after chemo, at the moment I am well and have regular checkups. If this is the case with you then I guess we should think how lucky we are because lots of ladies on here are struggling to keep their weight down. I must admit I have to jump on the scales frequently because my weight drops so easily and if I go below my weight now then yippee it's time for a choc pud and ice cream xx 🌷


Hi, Angelina. I would be extremely happy if I lost weight not having this ugly disease. I am on holiday now, starting work in September - I teach at university. I don't want to call my oncologist until I start work. If something is wrong, I won't have the courage to start teaching, so I prefer not to know. For the time being, i just enjoy being slim. Take care, ladies.


I wish you well and hope your reason for weight loss is the same as mine. I know how worrying it is I have had many problems myself.Try and have a happy holiday away from work xx🌷


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