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Hi lovely ladies,

Following 6 cycles of Taxol and Carboplatin and debulking, I am due to start another round of chemo, this time Carboplatin and Ifosfamide to hopefully kill off any remaining microscopic cells after a viable MMMT was removed. If anyone has has this chemo combination, I would so appreciate advise and information. Thanks and take care. Xxx

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I haven't had that combination, but I understand that MMMT tumours are extremely rare. You might find personal experiences on the Inspire OCNA site, which is US based and has many more members. I know of a couple of women with MMMT OC there. Did you have mixed histology, or just MMMT? I've heard that sometimes adriamycin is used for MMMT. It might also be worth getting a remote second opinion from one of the major US cancer centres on the supposition that they might have more experience. Best wishes, Vx PS does your name come from Taprobane in Sri Lanka? xx


Thank you V. I am on that site so will check. My oncologist got a second opinion from the Mayo clinic in the states so going with it. Taprobane is one of the old names for Ceylon / Sri Lanka where I was born. It is also the name for my second novel which I hope will be published before Xmas. Do you know Ceylon? Take care. Jeannine. Xxx

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Sounds like you're in excellent hands. Don't know Sri Lanka well, would love to tour the whole island properly. Taprobane is also an ultra lux hotel on an island off the south coast. Would like to read your novel, please let me know when it's out. Vx


Hello Taprobane

Were you originally diagnosed with MMMT? (malignant mixed Müllerian tumour). It is also known nowadays as a carcinosarcoma. It's my understanding that such tumours used to be treated as sarcomas but are now treated as carcinomas, and follow the standard treatment.

I finished my six cycles of carbo/taxol on 17th May and do not have to return until 11th October so I have no experience of your new round of chemo.

Didn't know that about Taprobane /Ceylon / Sri Lanka. Interesting.

All the best, Helen


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