Carboplatin only?

Good morning, ladies.

I have a question that I hope some of you may be able to answer or some advice given through your experience. It's been awhile since I posted. I'll just give a little background before I ask the question. I have ovarian cancer stage 4. I have already been "debulked". I have chosen to do low dose chemo called "Metronomic" chemotherapy. I receive a lower dose each week instead of the normal dosage every three weeks. The symptoms are less. So far so good. Tomorrow will be my third treatment. I have chosen to only do carboplatin without the addition of taxol. My Dr. doesn't like it and feels I need to be doing both together in order to be more effective. But I have resisted so far. I have been reading other posts about the neuropathy the taxol causes, not to mention other symptoms. I'm really not sure what I should do. I feel the carboplatin is already a powerful drug and seems it should be enough to do its own damage to the cancer cells without dosing me with the taxol as well. I'm trying to give my healthy organs (what's left of them) a fighting chance. All that to ask...have any of you just done the carboplatin only without the taxol? If so, did you get good results? Thanks so much, in advance, for your answers.

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  • Hi,

    Sorry can't give any advice as I am in the same situation as you with stage 4. I have had my first dose of Carco/Taxol plus Avastin. I've just gone along with exactly what my doctors have advised for me, too scared to do anything else!!

    I'm very interested to hear the responses to your post.

    I think you're very brave and should definitely do what you think is right for you.

    Helen x

  • Haven't done this myself but I have read articles which suggest that some drugs can work effectively at a lower dose.. I am thinking of Avastin. Might it be possible for you to seek a second opinion? Your Onc thinks it is a risk by the sound of it but perhaps another Onc could offer another perspective?

    All the best whatever you decide! Xx Lyndall

  • Hi

    I had carboplatin as a single agent and it was ineffective. However Taxol only supplies a top up of 5% so didn't feel that the extra side effects were worth it for me. I've been talking to my team about hormone treatment as I am ER positive and P53 positive. I know Avastin causes raised BP, how about Doxil?


  • I had carboplatin alone and I haven't had a recurrence. BUT although I was stage 3c - 2 positive lymph nodes - all visible disease was removed during surgery so that made a huge contribution to the outcome. Vx

  • I am on three month watch and wait after carboplatin and the tumours have strunk I am stage 3 grade 3 it is worth a try

  • Thanks so much for your responses. I decided to stay the course with only the carboplatin. At least for now. I have also read where medical marijuana has the same effect as taxol on blood flow. I'm researching this. Not an easy thing to find! Will let you know how it goes.

  • Hi there, If you are happy with your decision then stay with it, I am of the family that will go with the flow and follows oncs orders and so far that has worked for me. I wish you well in your search for marijuana it is not available over here in Ireland.

  • Hi, I have only just seen your post, as I have been on holiday. My onc suggested I had Carboplatin alone due to my health at the time. It wasn't very effective for me, but my cancer doesn't respond very well to treatments anyway. Another onc has told me that it may have had more effect if I'd had Taxol at the same time.


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