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Need hope to deal with metastatic or secondary abdominal cancer

Hi ,

My sister had under gone radical bladder removal surgery in which urinary bladder, uterus and ovaries were removed. She took six chemo before and six after the surgery. Just twenty days after her last chemo, she had been diagnosed with secondary peritoneal cancer... this time she is losing strength and hope, which are must to fight the disease. Can I reach out to those who have gone through the same...

Best wishes,


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Hi Riya - I haven't been through what your dear sister is struggling with but every lady on this forum is battling ovarian cancer and PPC at various stages so undoubtedly someone will be along who will have been through similar! There is a wealth of wisdom and support here which you'll find invaluable for yourself and your family; I just wanted to send positivity to you all Xxx


Hi...Thank you very much for your support and wishes. Right now hope is going to be her strength..

Just wanted to know about the prognosis, and everyone is coping up with the side effects of repeated Chemotherapy... I really appreciate your help..

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Riya, I am also stage 3c metastatic peritoneal carcinomatosis from epithelial OC. I've had a radical abdominal hysterectomy, omentectomy, appendectomy, splenectomy, bladder resected, temporary colostomy, diaphragm ablated, tumors removed from my liver, primary carbo taxol before surgery, 5.5 hours of surgery, R0, abdominal chemo, 18 weeks of carbo taxol, my CA125 is under 10. I fully expect to enjoy a nice remission. When I was diagnosed Nov. 2015 I figured I was going to die. I had bad ascites, drained twice before chemo started. My only symptom was intermittent bloating. I went to 6-7 docs in 2 years trying to find out what was causing it. I was told I had IBS (wrong!!!!) Anyway the point is that it's about 8 months later and I feel great!!!!! There is hope!!!! Tesla


Sorry to hear about your case...You are a live example of hope after such aggressive treatments.

Did you undergo Hipec treatment also. Could you please tell me what you did to improve your appetite and general health. My sister is 42 kgs and her condition is deteriorating day by day. She cannot eat anything and pukes all day.. Doctor says she has to be in a better health to respond to the treatment.


Rita, sounds like your sister has cachexia. I eat organic foods only. Fresh strawberries with vanilla yogurt and muesli, fried eggs, bacon, wheat toast, salmon, fresh oranges, apples, blueberries, green salad with berries and poppy seed dressing, organic beef patties, chicken, brown rice, raw carrots, fresh pineapple, watermelon, broccoli, no processed foods, organic butter on sourdough toast, nuts, seeds, green beans. I make myself eat whether I feel like it or not. I have three kinds of anti nausea meds. I drink organic chocolate milk, L-glutamine three tablespoons twice a day in a cold beverage, pastrami, avoid refined sugar, love rice pudding, hope this helps!


Amen make God continue to bless you with healing !! ❤️🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼❤️😂❤️


Riya, I did not have HIPEC, I had IP chemo.


Rita, your sister's doc needs to stop her nausea, so she can eat. You sister needs counseling to help her. She is probably profoundly depressed and that will kill her appetite.


Hi Tesla,

Thanks for your help.. The doctor has given her anti nausea medicines but they are not working, she pukes out...

Could you please tell me which medicines you were taking..

Actually, the relapse has affected her a bit I guess, because otherwise she is quite strong I know..


Right now the doctor had asked her to eat anything she likes... She is trying to eat healthy but of no use...


Are you still taking treatment or is it completely over.


Rita, I have 4 more weekly treatments of carbo taxol. My hair has already started to grow back. I actually feel good, but I am fatigued easily. I think that thoughts are very powerful tools for healing. I have decided I am fine. Whatever happens I will be OK. My children are raised so I do not have to worry about them. This removes a heavy burden. I am extremely fortunate. I'm having a great life. My husband is my best friend. I may not get to live as long as I planned. There is nothing I can do about that other than take care of myself as best I can. As far as your sisters vomiting, if anti nausea meds don't work it may be because she has liver or kidney problems. She also probably has an electrolyte imbalance. She's also most likely dehydrated. I think of food as medicine and spend a lot of time learning about nutrition. I would get your sisters other organs checked out and take her to a nutritionist.


Hi Riya - can't offer specific advice, but can offer my thoughts and prayers for you and your darling sister. Having lost my darling Mum to liver cancer 3 years ago (and I was her primary carer) I know how much 'hope' means in this process. Much love to you all x


In my prayers for God's love and healing mercy ! We can defeat this horrible disease With hope and faith through God. 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼❤️


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