Post surgery

Hi all,

Day five being at home post surgery, I have found it hard not being able to do anything and I am still sleeping a lot during the day.

My stables come out on Friday so hoping it will be a little more comfortable, I should be jumping for joy as I have been told I have NED.

I start my chemo again on the 21st of the month so will be pretty pleased when it is all over and get back to normal life.


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  • Hi Ellsie Don't worry about not being able to do anything, be kind to yourself and you'll reap the benefits! So pleased to see that you have NED! You will get back to normal and when you do you will look back and realise that these tough times have been worth it. I'd say watch something nice on TV but good luck finding anything! Wishing you well. Kathy xx

  • Hey well done you! Both for the surgery and being NED. You still need lots of rest and recovery time but a potter about every so often is good too... I made lists of things I wanted to get done when I was well enough, forced people to play games (cards, dominoes, anything!) I did watch tv but I also cooked when I felt up to it. See what you fancy doing and then do a very little at a time 😊 Xx Lyndall

  • Great to have the surgery done but its baby steps, no lifting driving hoovering etc for six weeks. I am so pleased you got NED and this will help you through the chemo. You are bound to be sore so dont worry about that, small walks and plenty rest

  • Brilliant news for you, so pleased. It takes time so just take your time and o little things slowly. X

  • Hey Ellsie,

    Great news for you the best acronym in the world......NED!!!!!!😁😁😁😁

    Take it easy now post surgery!!


  • Rest up and don't undo the good work youve already done. Brilliant news x

  • Amazing news NED. Rest easy, xx

  • Really pleased to hear you are NED! Take care of yourself and sleep when you need to. Good luck for the staples coming out tomorrow xx

  • How are you feeling now?

    It's really early days for you. I hope you are still not doing anything ! Fantastic news re NED. X

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