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Waiting for ultrasound results

I have most of the symptoms of ovarian cancer and had an ultrasound today. Something I am wondering -- I have never had cellulite on my abdomen and have noticed within the last few months that I now do. Have any of you noticed this? I noted that the cancer spreads to the omentum so I am wondering if it somehow pushes the fatty/cellulite to the surface??? If so, another sign.

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Hi. I certainly never noticed cellulite on my tummy. I know that you can experience a swollen abdomen grow accumulating fluid.

Hope this helps and you get some results soon.


Hello, no I never noticed cellulite. Hope you have your results soon.

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Hi Dm firstly I am sorry to hear you have been directed to this site , you will get lots of support from the ladies who use this site as they have all been in your shoes.

We all understand how anxious you become waiting on tests and diagnosis, I was like you and one of the best bit of advice I recieved was stay away from Dr Google it will give you some very old stats, and treatments have moved on since they were written.

I was diagnosed in March with Primary peritoneal stage 3c, however I am being treated the same as ovarian carcinomas, I had variable symptoms but was treated for IBS for over 12 months.

I also thought I had lumps coming up under the skin but they would disappear when I was being examined, I thought I was imagining things and maybe I was as my oncololigist said he had not heard of that symptom.

Once I was diagnosed things have moved on and my treatment plan is in place.

I hope your results come back favourable.

Hugs Ellsie xx

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