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I started looking for single trip insurance for Greece for my Husband and I the other day. All Clear wanted £1101, the next company £774 and a further £629. I finally rang Insurancewith and they quoted £84!! Unbelievable how huge a difference there was and Insurancewith are so thorough with the screening too. So for all you out there wanting to get on a plane, do it. This isn't the first time I've used Insurancewith and can definitely recommend them.....

Eleni x

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  • That's good to know so will note that in case we decide to renew our passports !

    Clare x

  • Hi Eleni

    Yes I used them in May and have just used them again for end of July big difference to quotes off other companies x

  • We tried Insurewith but they could not cover me for Spain. We eventually found that Avanti gave us the best deal for our cruise in August at £192 .

    Unfortunately we found out on Tuesday that I need urgent surgery and have been told to cancel. So I suppose we will be finding out how good the insurance is!

  • I use my bank for my travel insurance. I take out an account that I use only for that purpose. It costs me £8 in any one month. Gio

  • I insure with Barclays cancer declared but not insured. £66 for the year


  • Which? did a report recently on travel insurance with medical conditions and Insurancewith was one they found to be the cheapest. Also Holidaysafe and Get Going Travel if anyone else is looking for insurance. We bank with Natwest and I'm pretty sure we have travel insurance with our account as well.

    Hope the trip to Greece is wonderful!

    Lou xxxxxxxxxxx

  • I have just come back from Lanzarote and was going to use insurewith but eventually went with world first. I got a policy covering 4 adults for 11 nights for 118.00 and this covered us all against my cancer. Although if I did claim and it was due to cancer then the excess would be 180.00 which is nothing in comparison to other insurance prices. Luckily we didn't need to claim.


  • Ooh....haven't heard of them! Thanks Ann......they sound good and I'll check them out another time. Hope you enjoyed Lanzarote. x

  • Had a lovely time, very relaxing. Shame I had to come.back to an Avastin infusion and now all the aches and pains have started again. Enjoy your holiday x

  • Same experience! I've travelled with Insurewith insurance 3 times now and they've always been brilliant. Thankfully I've never had to claim but having always spoken to someone when going through the application process I feel sure that they would handle any claim fairly and with sensitivity. Enjoy your hols!

    Beth x

  • I have used insure with they have been the most reasonable . Not had to make a claim yet. I have a Barclays account the insurance comes with account they won't cover me though for my cancer so wate of time

    Kind regards Dee

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