CT result is good

Apparently there is no visible sign of cancer. Of course it's the invisible little sods which are a worry and I have been told that I am now chronic; it's going to come back again and again and again.............but am hoping for a long remission now! Going on holiday with my bestest soon, Greece at the end of August and am planning to go to Iceland next June to do some whale watching. Good news though 'cos I was worried.......

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  • Congrats ! Great news ! enjoy your hols!

  • Have a great holiday in Greece and good luck for a long remission.

  • I was told that I had chronic disease in 2011 and at the moment all is stable, had some treatments since. My advice to you is to grab every opportunity you can to get away, so enjoy Greece and then when you come back start planning for Iceland. I hope you celebrate and wish you a long remission

  • Thank you Suzuki...that is encouraging! bless you. x

  • enjoy your holidays! x

  • The holidays sound amazing. Wishing you a long and active remission.

    Sandra x

  • Great news and wish you a long remission. Enjoy your holidays sounds fun xx

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