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MRI Detected Cyst In Pelvis Next Stop Colposcopy

Hi Everyone,

I am new here!

My story is quite long so I will keep it short and sweet as to not bore you all, I am basically looking to see if anyone has had a similar experience and what happened as a result.

12 years ago I started having probems with pain on my right hand side. Doctors kept putting it down to 'ovarian pain' and signed me off with pain killers every time. I have also been very anemic since being about 8yrs old and nobody has pinpointed why. Since 2007 my lower back (near the tailbone) has always been painful and I have not been able to lay on my left hand side since then. Anyways as the years passed the pain started getting worse my stomach would get bloated and two years after my first child I collapsed, rushed into hospital with suspected burst appendix. Had an emergency operation only to find out I had an ovarian cyst which had burst and aggravated my abdomen. Spent two days in hospital - sent home with pain killers. A year after with the pain increasing I had my second child normal delivery then straight after hemmoraged and almost lost my life. Had to stay in hospital all week as was too weak. Pain again gradually getting worse, tired beyong belief, stomach bloating which sometimes looks awful - I am slim so it looks very strange on me. Went to the doctors having had ultrasounds left right and centre each time being told 'your ovaries look covered - possibly your bowels' - I finally broke down and told them I can't take it any more. This time I was lucky to see the gynae lady who booked me in to see the specialist gynae. He said he is not happy with how I have been treated so far (one doctor said it was all in my head) he rushed me through for an MRI (I was told at the beginning of it, it would take 25mins max - I was an hour and 15 minutes and in tears with pain) and guess what they have detected a cyst on my pelvis which needs to be taken out. Not on my ovaries, my pelvis. It has been festering all this time. I am booked in for a colposcopy on monday because I have been bleeding from my cervix. But that is as far as it goes I don't know what is going to happen - I knew I wasn't going mad.

Has anyone had this? What happened? I am a 31yr old busy working mum and wouldn't complain for nothing, it has upset me it has taken so long and now all of a sudden all this has happened in a two week period....on the NHS. 4 weeks before my MRI I had an ultrasound which detected a cyst on my right ovary but she didn't seem too concerned but now the gynae is wanting to operate.

Any help/advice would be appreciate

H x

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Can't give you any advice I'm afraid but I am sure others on here will be able to...just wanted to say well done for persevering and finally getting some answers. I swear some Doctors still think ladies have fits of the vapours...

Wishing you all the best xx Lyndall


Thanks Lyndall, yes I think they do too. I honestly cannot believe the amount of times I have gone in absolutely in agony and it has been dismissed. At least I am getting somehwere with it now. Just very worrying as I have two girls 5 and 1, I need to be fighting fit for them xx

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Hi the trouble with this disease is often it appears everywhere but the ovaries. I had a similar problem to you. Finally told my gynaecologist I wanted a hysterectomy. He said he didn't think it was gynae! He did refer me to the bowel people though and the CT scan showed tumours everywhere on the gut. Ultrasound didn't pick it up they were probably only looking at the ovaries and therefore missing the tumours on the gut. I found that once they did find something then everyone was marvelous and they really kicked into gear. I hope that is the same for you and now that they have seen the problem you will soon get action and help.

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I know it's a very scary time but you need to take it one step at a time. The cyst needs to be removed so just focus on getting ready for that and recovery from the op. You will need to rest and not lift anything afterwards so if you can get help from family and friends with looking after your little ones, cooking, cleaning etc.

I really hope all goes well with the op and that you will get some answers. Sometimes the scans are not as useful as we might think and the only way to really find out is to operate. Let us know how things go.

Madeline xx

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