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I may be ahead of my time but does anybody know what is or can be put in place to clean up any possible remaining stray cancer cells to prevent a re-occurrence of the cancer that you have spent so much time and energy in chemo trying to eliminate!! Mine is a primary peritoneal cancer. Thanks so much. I am going to see the consultant next week and hopefully this site might give me some useful discussion material. Cheers, Gio

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  • Hi. I also have PPC. I've had surgery and chemo. I thought that it was the chemo cleared up those cells. Maybe I'm wrong. Hopefully there is someone out there that comes back to your post. Xo

  • I had surgery and chemo. My limited knowledge told me that the chemo is supposed to shrink the tumour but I am not sure IF it is supposed to clean up anything that lingers from the surgery. I know this is different, but following breast cancer (mastectomy) I had radiotherapy which I understood mopped up any cells that might still be remaining, although of course with having a mastectomy the source of the tumour was removed. I guess the complication of ppc is that the peritoneum cannot be removed so a bit like growing raspberries or potatoes, the weeniest bit remaining simply grows again into a very flurishing plant! I think not knowing the answer gives me concerns that either research has not yet given an answer to a total clean up or, unless I insist, a consultant may not guide me in a way that is suitable to my life style, which is to have an achievable plan which I carry through!!

    I will post anything I think fits my answer and see what replies I get. My local reference library is WONDERFUL and I go through their references with a toothcombe!


  • Do you have the brca gene ? I am considering a double mastectomy to reduce risks. When did you have this surgery ? there is so much to take in and understand. It make my head spin sometimes !

  • I am in remission as well from clear cell and it is distressing the lack of medical knowledge on this. But I have been following an alternative health care path in addition to the conventional methods. i am following an alkaline diet, taking Agaricus mushroom,turkey tail antioxidants.. doing stress reducing things like yoga- these all are things known to keep the mutant cells from dividing.

    de stressing and letting go of toxic feelings... I'm feeling better than i have in a long time and I plan to keep it up. Each person has their own balance.. I hope for everybody in this situation to find comfort and the best balance for them to thrive.

  • Would love to hear more about your methods esp alkaline diet. I really think this is the way to go to maintain health. My Mum is about to start vit c drips and possibly hyperthermia treatment at Breakspear hospital in Herts as her CA 125 has gone up since Avastin stopped. She also takes loads of supplements and sprays herself with magnesium oil each night which she swears by for reducing soreness and helping with general detoxification/relaxation.

    She is considering having Chemosensitivity testing by RGCC to ascertain which cytotoxic or natural treatments work to kill of her specific cancer - worth its weight in gold but not available on the NHS.

    Best of luck with your health.


  • Hi, I've got stAge 3c ovarian cancer. Had 3 chemotherapy then debulking (which was successful) I've been told last 3 chemotherapy are to mop up any remaining cells that may be lurking.

    Sam x

  • Have a good browse through the website canceractive. It is full of great information about how to help prevent the cancer from coming back. There is a protocol on there that you can follow as much as you want to.

  • That sounds good, I am spending tomorrow (not allotment weather)! surfing various sites and I will look at canceractive.

    Thanks, Gio

  • Hiya, I've done the chemo/debulking/chemo route, with the hope that the post op chemo would mop up remaining little buggers, but I've still got a dodgy 2cm suspect area , but it's shrinking.

    I would be interested in finding out what else could be done, be quite nice to just get it removed full stop! Much rather surgery or something rather than give it the chance to grow and develop like those potatoes mentioned above!

    Dawn xx

  • There are lots of thinks you can do in recovery to support your immune system and bodies natural defences such as exercise and a healthy diet. Some have found taking turmeric and ginger beneficial.

    Radiotherapy is not usually used for the treatment of ovarian cancer or PPC. During first line treatment usually surgery followed by adjuvant chemotherapy to mop up any Cancer cells. However OC and PPC is quite difficult to get rid of completely once it has metasisised. Stubborn little buggars

  • Hi, the chemo mops up any stray cells, although this doesn't guarantee that you will not have a recurrence. I was given all clear following end of my surgical and chemotherapy treatment in Dec 13, unfortunately raised bloods in Aug followed by CT scan revealed a recurrence, just 8 months later. Don't worry though as there are ladies on this forum who are on their 4th or 5th round of chemo. There are lots of drugs out there for us to try. Keep positive, live and love life. Don't be hard on yourself either, you have been through a lot and once you are cut free from running to the hospital every 3 weeks, it might hit you at that point just what you have been through recently. Be good to yourself, you deserve it. All the best. Ann xo

  • Thanks a lot. I am not your average person and I think proactively about what is going on. I do not like the thought of being 'kept going' on chemo. I know that very strong drugs are being pumped into me. I try and find a 'final' solution, as I gave the answer to what to do about potato bits that you do not fully dig out! A bit later today I am going enthusiastically onto the website links that have been given me by my Reference Library. On Saturday (yesterday) I was at a Folk event day, I play the fiddle, there was LOADS of people there that I know, one person looked me straight in the eye and told me informatively what a cancer gene is. I knew about cells having receptors that are programmed to switch on and switch off but he says that a cancer cell has a defective 'switch off' and so lives beyond the period for which it has been programmed and is therefore not compatible with normal cell function. Sorry about the biology lesson but for me this information is so helpfu!

    Have a good weekend,


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