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Hi, I'm luluw

I was diagnosed with stage 3c OC in January and have just finished 6 cycles of Taxol/Carbo with every side effect going! Currently waiting for the post-chemo scan. Really scared about this I must say.

I'm a retired teacher (I feel very lucky to be retired-I don't know how you ladies who are still working cope) with a wonderful husband and two very supportive children. Don't know how I would have got through the last 4 months without them.

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Its normal to fee scared. Ice cold but sweaty hands in waiting room syndrome. I hope you get good news. Tracey x



Welcome to the site and the club nobody wants to join but membership was sort of forced on us. I was diagnosed Stage 8 years 8 months ago, still here, still working full time. Currently no evidence of disease. I won't lie, I have 2 small recurrences but the chemo knocked them on the head and I am currently on a trial drug with 6 monthly scans. The waiting for results is the pits, don't think it ever gets any easier, feeling scared, sick to your stomach comes with the territory. Be kind to yourself, rest when you need to, learn to be a tiny bit selfish, not easy when you are a wife and mother. It's lovely you have family support, I do too and believe me it helps. It's great here too because sometimes you can rant and say things that you may not want to say to your family for fear of upsetting them etc. Wishing you well for your results, everything crossed for you. Please do update us and let us know how you are getting on xxx

P.S. I hope you weren't an English teacher, I'm sure you'll be marking me a D for grammar.....


Hi Luluw

Welcome...sorry to hear you are doing the dreaded wait for results. I've just had notification of my next scan through nerve wracking each time.

I've done chemo/surgery/chemo so far and now on Avastin. Although it is scary I am also grateful to be here and feeling one day at a time and cut yourself lots of slack when you are waiting and worrying xx Lyndall


Hi Luluw, like you I was diagnosed with Stage 3c in January, had 6 cycles of Carbo Taxol and now awaiting debulking surgery in a couple of weeks. My post chemo scan showed the tumour and secondaries had shrunk considerably (CA125 down from 629 to 11.2, so my oncologist is hugely pleased). It has been a scary time as well you know, but the trick is to be positive and draw strength from the love and support of family and friends. Mine are thousands of miles away (we live in Dubai) but I feel they are by my side as we email, phone and Skype regularly. I too am a retired teacher and have only admiration for a friend who went through chemo and radio for BC while teaching. Take care. Stay strong, chant mantras, pray ... Do whatever floats your boat. You must believe, as I do, that this shitty disease will not get the better of us. Big hugs, Jeannine xxx


Sorry to hear you've joined our club, but also glad you've found us. I find everyone here a huge source of support. I too am glad I was mostly retired when I first became ill. It was bad enough dropping the volunteering responsibilities as I left one group with a few problems. Everyone here will understand how scared you will be while waiting for results. I'm on holiday this time between the scan and seeing the oncologist. Hope yours shows NED. Lesley x


Hi, I remember waiting for my pozst treatment scan and being worried too. I think its only natural. Hopefully the chemo which you've had (the gold standard in Europe) has done its work. Let us know how you get on.

Likje you, I only have Admiration for those ladies who manage to work through treatment. I, like you, couldn't have done so, I hgad a lot of side effects too. My chemo buddy on first line treatment didn't get any, apart fro the haIr loss.

Ann xo


Thanks so much for all the lovely messages of support! I'll let you know how I get on when I see my oncologist later in June. CA125 is down to 6 so I'm hopeful-the only way to be really!

Lou xxxx


Hi luluw,

As the other ladies have said,it can be scary, but things sound good for you,put it to the back burner and get on with life (difficult I know),but don't give OC your time, it doesn't deserve it.

We all wish you the best and let us know how you get on

Carole xxx


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