Twisted bowel. I'm back!!

Hello lovely ladies. Well after a trip to hell and back with a twisted bowel and five weeks in hospital which I am trying to erase from my memory i am finally home. Very weak but HOME. On my secon Cisplatin/Caelyx which I never thought I could take after all the other stuff but I have, I thought that was it to be honest but I'm back fighting so take heart, it is amazing what we can recover from but very, very hard. All things considered I don't feel too bad, was fed through tube in hospital but eating again so weight going back on and loving looking at my garden.

Lots of happiness, Claire xxx

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  • I know exactly how you feel. I made it out of hospital a fortnight ago after 31/2 weeks with an obstructed bowel. I was fed through a tube too - lovely isn't it?!!

    I'm feeling a lot better now and restarting chemo next week. Onwards and upwards!!!

    Take care x


  • Great news that you are back home and recovering from such a rotten ordeal. Hope you are able to pamper yourself. You certainly deserve it!

    Anne 🌸🌺🌼

  • I had a twisted bowel a month after debulking. I Just wanted to extend sympathy to you - and it is such a shocking and traumatic experience. Like you I was resolved to leave it behind me - which I did, I think, although I'll never forget it - and I'm sure you will too. Although it sounds from your post that you have done that already and turned your face forward, brave and strong woman.

    it is any comfort I went on to finish chemotherapy and then a year of remission. I recognise that appreciation of your garden, after the experience of being lost in extreme physical distress it is wonderful to be able to 'see' the world again. For me two years later that appreciation has remained and is one of the good things that came out of a really pretty dreadful complication. Wishing you all the best as you regain your strength x

  • Glad you are back home and on the mend, that doesnt sound very pleasant indeed, I want to wish you well for the rest of your treatment and hope all will go to plan

  • What an ordeal for you and I'm so glad you are now home. I can read how very hard your journey has been in your words and send you lots of love.

    I am so glad you can find comfort and beauty in your garden and can emphasise with you as since I've been home I too love looking outside. Hubby has taken over all the gardening and mowing as I'm not able to do it but I love seeing my beautiful plants growing.

    Take each moment as it comes, glad you are eating too. I'm on a low fibre/low residue diet which really helps my bowels and I am on daily sodium docusate (2 a day to keep bowels soft, up to 5 if I get constipation and none if I get diarrhoea ) that works well; wondered if you have been given the same advice?

    Again, pleased you are home

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • That's great, it's so good that you are home.

  • Good news Claire, I'm so pleased you're home at last after your major war on the demon disease, enjoy your garden, there is so much activity out there at the minute with plants and trees coming into leaf and the birds all fluttering about being romantic, we had a robin dotting about on the decking this morning, his song was a delight, we also have little finches coming to the feeders again and the song of a blackbird each day has been lovely, so another garden year coming into its fullness, nature is really calming isn't it? I hope you are soon able to sit out and enjoy your garden once the weather warms a little. Take little steps each day on your road to recovery, you've been properly battered haven't you? but, like you say, we are amazing and have tremendous potential. One day at a time and you'll get there. Big gentle hugs and lots of love for a speedy recovery ❤️Xx Jane

  • Glad you are non the mend Claire. Ann xx

  • So glad to hear you are at home and enjoying the view of your garden - for me nature, watching the birds, trees and plants through the seasons is almost a spiritual feeling; even on the worst of days I can get lost looking at the view. With very best wishes for you ongoing treatment, Dawn.

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