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Hi. I have just had a hysterectomy and been told that I have stage 3 ovarian cancer.

I have always been so healthy and made a point of looking after myself and part of me keeps thinking that the surgeon must be mistaken! (denial or what!)

I am seeing my consultant next week when he will have the histology report and I wondered if someone could tell me exactly what that is.

He should also let me know when chemo is to start which is realy scary however I find it a huge support to read about the experiences you ladies are going through. There is so much information on this site, thank heavens I found it.

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Really sorry to hear your news but you are in the right place for answers and support!

Your oncologist will tell you about the type of cancer they have found and tell you about the chemo they plan to use to treat it.

Might be useful to have a partner or friend alongside as it can be a lot of information to take in.

If you have questions you didn't get to ask then Ruth the Ovacome nurse is on the end of the phone and she is very reassuring.

Chemo is scary but don't forget that most people get through it without too much drama. Some women on this forum have even worked during chemo!

Take it one day at a time and say yes to any help you are offered...all the best to you. Lyndall xx

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So sorry you find yourself in this situation but as Lyndy said you have come to the right place. Also as Lyndy said the histology will give your team a better idea of what treatment is best for you.

I finished Chemo 7 weeks ago and while it's a tough journey it is doable and there are loads of tips on here that will help!

Wishing you all the best!

Onwards and Upwards


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Thanks for your good wishes and hoping that you are beginning to feel a bit more like yourself now your chemo has finished.



I was diagnosed with stage 3c high grade ovarian cancer in February.

I had a radical hysterectomy and I've just had my 4th chemotherapy session out of 6. I think I started chemotherapy 4 weeks after surgery.

I found the hysterectomy much harder than expected, but so far the chemotherapy has been easier than expected.

There are a number of internet forums where you can get answers to any questions you may have, support at times when you most need it, or just a space to rant - we've been there, or we are still here, going through what you are experiencing....you are not alone.

Look after yourself, do what your body tells you to do.



Thanks for the advice. I have found the hysterectomy easier to get over than expected. One of the few advantages of living on your own as I do, is the fact that I can have a rest whenever I need to. (It doesn't make up for not having someone to give you a cuddle though!)

Glad your chemo is not as bad as expected.......there are so many of us on this road........who's have known it!

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I was diagnosed Stage 3Oc in October 2007, still here, still working full time despite 2 recurrences, currently NED (no evidence of disease). I won't lie and say the chemo is a breeze but it affects people differently with some finding it easier that others but it's doable and once it's finished you will soon regain your strength. Above all be kind to yourself when going through it, be a bit selfish (probably for the first time in your life!) The histology report is a report on the cells/tumour that was removed so that they can grade your cancer. I've never wanted to know mine, one of my coping mechanisms I suppose (bit head in sand!). One big piece of advice I will give is DON'T google statistics to see prognosis. The internet is full of statistics but can't tell what will happen to you. Everyone is different and everyone reacts to chemo differently. Statistics are just that, statistics. Some people have recurrences, some don't (my mum was diagnosed stage 3 and after chemo didn't have a recurrence). Stay positive (easier said than done sometimes I know). The recovery from surgery and then onto chemo does take over your life for a few months and there are highs and lows. Stay strong. Kathy xxx


Thanks so much for your positive thoughts. How did you know I had googled survival rates for OC?

It did not exactly fill me with joy, but it was lovely to hear the good news about you and your mum. I am a fairly positive sort of person, and am determined to progress down the path I now find myself going down.

Once again, Thanks.

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Don't worry lots if us did it., dear old Google....but the stats are groups clumped together and that distorts plus individual successes are lost! Doesn't stop us doing it though! I wanted to know everything about my diagnosis and research my type of OC which is clear cell, that's what I do,...take info in and partition it until I need it. I don't freak out but I've found that I must manage what I share with my husband and wider family as they can't partition it!

I've had 3 chemos to date and as I've had quite major sickness side effects the one big learning point is not to put up with any sickness or nausea if your prescribed meds aren't working... RING YOUR UNIT STRAIGHT AWAY. it in caps as I didn't and suffered! Now after three changes of meds I feel ok today, my usual very bad days are day 4 to 6 after chemo but this morning I feel fine!

Good advice already given is to write a list if questions you want answers to - from diagnosis, to treatment, to hints and tips of chemo management etc. If you can take someone with you to write the responses then that's very useful.

You can search through posts here and find recent posts on hints and tips for chemo - think one was posted a couple of days ago.

This is a very supportive group so post loads, ask questions, tell us how you feel, how you're getting on, tel us when you're up and down!

Take care



Thanks for the advice. A good friend is coming with me next week to take notes and I will remember wh at you said about the nausea.

Seem to have a small area of infection at the top of my incision and am putting tea tree oil on it. It hasn't got any worse so do you think I can leave it til I see the consultant next Thursday?

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I'd try and see the doctor as soon as you can, I had a sore bit after my hysterectomy in March and my doc was great sorting it out and removing a catgut stitch too that I wasn't told was there! I was glued which was great. Can you get in today?


No chance I got told off last week because when I couldn't get an appointment for a urine infection I just turned up at the surgery in tears and said that I couldn't go through the night without antibiotics. He gave them to me but was not nice. The surgery is shut on Saturday anyway. Last week made an appointment to discuss my treatment etc and got one for 17th June !

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Hopefully your treatment will pass to your Consultant/oncologist once you meet next week. My doctor is copied in to everything but I don't go to the surgery unless I need to get a symptom checked out - red rash to back of head which I now know is reaction to one of my drugs! I was seen the same day. Your surgery doesn't sound very helpful which doesn't help. X


Actually I get on well with my GP and he asked me to see him just for a general chat about how I was feeling and coping etc. When I got to the surgery, the GP on duty was another partner who did not know my history, and as he refused to see me, I was unable to tell him.

Never mind, I am OK now and as you say, will have more contact with my consultant from now on.

I read a post a few days back, about rashes caused by chemo drugs. I believe there are creams that can help with this. Hope you get it sorted.

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Hi. I knew because we all do it lol and someone once gave me the advice not too which I now try to pass on. The statistics play with your mind but we are all individuals, not statistics. I once had a Macmillan nurse say I had less than two years, when I said this to my first trial nurse and added that I didnt want to put myself through chemo she sat me down and we had a long chat and well here I am today..... My mum was told she had less than five years, 14/15 years later she died but not from OC. I wont lie, she died from Cancer but a new primary, bowel and apparently nothing to do with the OC. so you see life after diagnosis is not always cast in stone. I wish you well xx Kathy xx

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Hi. I was in the same situation as you back in January. I had some post-menopausal bleeding and scans showed an ovarian cyst. I'd had them before many years ago so wasn't too worried. However I was advised strongly to have it removed and a hysterectomy. I recovered from the surgery really well and then my surgeon hit me with the big news-stage 3c OC. I was angry for a long time-like you I was fit and healthy and looked after myself.

Anyway, I have just finished 6 cycles of chemo. It's been rough but it is doable. Currently waiting for the post-chemo scan.

Keep your chin up and take all the support you can from your family and friends-mine have been amazing. Let us know how you get on. I wish you well and send virtual hugs.

Lou xxxxx


Thanks for your message, I do hope your scan is positive and you can see yourself making progress.

I saw my consultant today and he was very happy with how the hysterectomy had gone. I am now being refered to the oncology team with a view to starting chemotherapy in the next few weeks.

Apparently I need a blood test that will take about 4 hours prior to the chemotherapy. I believe it's to make sure my kidneys are up to it?

Please let us know how everything goes with you, I will be thinking about you as I know how it feels psyching yourself up for every scan and examination.


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