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Anyone with Long treatment but reach remission

Dear Warriors

I am in my 2nd recurrence. I have stage3 high grade serous papillary. I started treatment in September last year. Because I was then platinum resistant I did Doxil. Three months didn't work so changed to carbo/gemzar. Six cycles only achieved stable. Now I am onto cyclophosphamide/gemzar in the hope of getting remission. My Onco says I will not see remission. I am already at the best with stable but just knowing the monsters are still in my body I worry all the time. It's so hard to live like this. I went for a 2nd opinion and was told not to give up hence I still continue treatment

I would like to know if anyone else have long treatments (how long) and achieve remission. I need some motivation and hope. It's been 9 months into treatment now. Frankly soon my insurance benefits is going to run out and I am scared of what long term chemo effects will be. Please help

Thank you. God bless us all


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I found Kelly B Turner's book 'Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer against the Odds' very empowering - if you search 'Radical Remission' here on My Ovacome you will find a whole thread about it a couple of months ago. It tells of people who have...

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I am on the same journey, 2nd reoccurrance but carbo/Caylex did not work and 18 Taxol has just got me to stable with a couple shrunk, 10 months of chemo. Now on watch and wait for 3 months but another drug was mentioned.

I have just read...

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Hi Greensnow, sometimes it can be hard getting a treatment to suit you but dont give up. Do ask your oncologist what are your best options. I am stable at present awaiting the results of a recent scan and I have been on chemical warfare...


Hi I'm in my first recurrence since sept last year I've done carbo /Doxil waited 4 doses and numbers rose dramatically then back on to carbo / taxol which I'm getting some response to but not as good as when I had it frontline , I'm coming up to...


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