Anyone with Long treatment but reach remission

Dear Warriors

I am in my 2nd recurrence. I have stage3 high grade serous papillary. I started treatment in September last year. Because I was then platinum resistant I did Doxil. Three months didn't work so changed to carbo/gemzar. Six cycles only achieved stable. Now I am onto cyclophosphamide/gemzar in the hope of getting remission. My Onco says I will not see remission. I am already at the best with stable but just knowing the monsters are still in my body I worry all the time. It's so hard to live like this. I went for a 2nd opinion and was told not to give up hence I still continue treatment

I would like to know if anyone else have long treatments (how long) and achieve remission. I need some motivation and hope. It's been 9 months into treatment now. Frankly soon my insurance benefits is going to run out and I am scared of what long term chemo effects will be. Please help

Thank you. God bless us all


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  • I found Kelly B Turner's book 'Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer against the Odds' very empowering - if you search 'Radical Remission' here on My Ovacome you will find a whole thread about it a couple of months ago. It tells of people who have gone into remission even without chemo and sometimes when there was no hope expressed by oncologists - it examines factors which lead to remission eg diet, lifestyle, avoiding stress etc. We always get told about keeping positive and it's not always easy as you are finding. But there may be some tips here to help you. All the best x

  • Hi,

    I am on the same journey, 2nd reoccurrance but carbo/Caylex did not work and 18 Taxol has just got me to stable with a couple shrunk, 10 months of chemo. Now on watch and wait for 3 months but another drug was mentioned.

    I have just read radical remission and yes it is inspiring but I am not sure about some of the stories.

    Hopefully you will get some positive replies.

    Wishing you all the best with the new treatment . X

  • Hi Greensnow, sometimes it can be hard getting a treatment to suit you but dont give up. Do ask your oncologist what are your best options. I am stable at present awaiting the results of a recent scan and I have been on chemical warfare against the beast for many years. At present I have a drug holiday. I think you really have to try and call the shots yourself, do nice things like trips day trips even, or a cup of coffee with friends. Anything to keep your unease at bay is a good thing. I would see if your hospital has a Macmillan Centre or Cancer Support Centre, sometimes it is easier to talk to people outside your family circle and friends and all this helps you. I have done a Mindfulness course and I am beginning to stress less about the things that stressed me before. I wish you well on this new course of treatment best wishes

  • Hi I'm in my first recurrence since sept last year I've done carbo /Doxil waited 4 doses and numbers rose dramatically then back on to carbo / taxol which I'm getting some response to but not as good as when I had it frontline , I'm coming up to dose number 6 and I'm nowhere near remmision or a break after 9 months , my body is just starting to complain with low neutrophils and I'm so tired I feel like im on a treadmill and I wanna get off ! I hope beyond hope that I will reach a point where my Cancer goes back to sleep and gives me a break , hoping that for you too , don't give up . Jue x

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