Day 1, I made it!

Day 1, I made it!

Hi all! Hope you all had a blessed day! I had a great appointment yesterday. All my lymph nodes & biopsies came back good but I had a suspicious area in my pelvis (which was right near where they removed the ovarian mass). They couldn't call it one way or another but are treating me with 6 treatments every 3 weeks. 1st treatment today. It went fine. Treatment started at 9am & I was done at 2:40pm.  Reminder I'm on carboplatin/taxol. Tonight I am very tired (part I'm sure because I was so anxious up until today) & I'm achy in my back & stomach. Thank you all for your wonderful words of wisdom & encouragement. It means so much to me. I smacked during treatment & ate a little dinner but don't have much of an appetite. They gave me Zofran for nausea. Best wishes to you all!! xxxx


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  • Hi Andrea, I'm glad you posted and that's a fab photo. Hoping that you continue to feel ok, remember to call your Unit if you don't 

    Take care


  • Looking good xx

  • Looking very comfortable there, 

    It does feel great to get your first chemo done and by the sounds of it you have sailed through it. 

    Positive Countdown begins, only 5 more to go. 

    Lovely photo, 

    Best wishes,

    Mandy, xx

  • Lovely photo.  One down, 5 more to go.   Tip, if you have a metallic taste, fresh pineapple is good.  Take care.  Ann x

  • Looking good Andrea. Keep on smiling and as someone said the countdown has begun ! The achy feeling goes with the territory. At least it did with me. See it as a mopping up procedure and that any nasty cells that may be left will be consigned to the dustbin ! 


  • HI Andrea, such a lovely photo so one down and five to go.  I hope the anti nausea will work and if not your team can go back to drawing board and give you something else.  Have plenty of prunes in juice to stop constipation if you are inclined to go that way.  If you have any questions, do come on and ask us and we will do our best to help you

  • Thank you all for your replies!! I'm doing pretty good today.  I do lean toward constipation so I've got to keep a close watch on that. They told me to take the anti nausea every 4 to 6 hours for the first 72 hours even if I do not feel sick.  I have been doing that. Do you other ladies do that as well after a treatment?   Thank you all for the kind words!!  I also started a journal just for treatments, like what I ate that day and how I feel each day going forward.  Blessings to all! xxx


  • Hello Andrea

    Really good photo, you look very relaxed.  I was warned about constipation too and perhaps took it too much to heart, as I took all the stuff they gave me and gave myself diarrhoea......the took Immodium.  I've learnt to be a little more conservative with the meds.  I think we are all given different meds for nausea but I've been lucky as mine seem to work for me.   I was hilarious the first time I had the steroids (I just couldn't stop talking) and when folks got fed up with me and went to bed, I sent umpteen emails, mostly without fullstops or punctuation of any kind.  

    Either my steroids were reduced or my body got used to them.  I am due cycle six on Tuesday.

    Good luck.

  • Yes for me it was important to take the anti sickness meds in advance. If not I would get sick about day five. My Oncologist said it was important to have the meds straight after chemo to stop it before it started. It worked very well for me.

  • Hi Andrea

    I have my second round next Thursday, I too have had back ache for two days and the first three days I did not feel the best.

    This week I have been fine doing shopping, housework etc. I took the advice from the lovely ladies of this forum and took ginger beer and ginger biscuits when I felt a bit nausies but so far so good.

    Andrea I was very itchy all over my body my care team said I was ok to continue to take my antihistamine, maybe you could speak to yours , take care of yourself.


  • Thank you all so much for your comments. This is my 3rd day & I have felt very bad. The nurse called me in Phenegran for nausea to rotate with Zofran since Phen will make me sleepy. Just have felt so awful today. Par for the course but just wanted to thank you all again for your support & encouragement. Also wishing you all a blessed & Happy Mother's Day! xxxx  By the way, has anyone tried Pure Leaf Tea. It's just a brand of ready made tea but I hear it works good for nausea.  My hubs is going to get me some  I'll try anything at this point! 


  • Andrea, 

    It's a hard few days but you will get through it! Try plain biscuits or cream crackers they sometimes work! Thoughts are with you! Mind yourself.


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