Back to civilisation

Back to civilisation

Well due to bad arthritis in leg haven't gone back to paid employment since chemo finished but was climbing the walls so have volunteered two days a week at a local dougie Mac charity shop am loving it for first time in over two years I feel like the old me well nearly but have something to look forward to each week

I am normally tired and leg throbbing by time I get home but is so worth it was the shops first birthday this week I am on the right of the picture

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  • That's fantastic, well done.  I know exactly what you mean.  It's important to have a diversion from what I call 'the darkness' and for a very worthy cause.  You look smashing . Xx

  • I love the photo Babsclunn. It's good to put a face to a name. I feel the same about volunteering. I retired in January 2013 and have loved the things I do for free because I really enjoy it and because I feel it does some good for someone. 

    I hope other members will post up pix of the activities they get involved in. What a shame we can't upload photos into the replies. We'd have a whole thread of volunteering opportunities round the UK. xx Annie

  • That's wonderful. I've volunteered for the local children's hospice since I recovered enough from the first lot of treatment and between recurrences. I did some time in the shop and will go back as soon as I finish chemo and have enough energy. We also have a group which knits and crochets new stuff to sell in the Holmfirth shop and they have become friends and have come to my house to knit and cheer me up and one even sometimes comes for a while and knits while I have the IV, even though I fall asleep.

    The volunteers in the shop are cheerful friendly people and it's great to feel I'm doing something useful. I do voluntary and political work as well (wrote our election leaflet) but a lot of that is at the computer on my own and I need to spend time with people too.

  • That is a very good idea, I do some voluntary work once a week and find it great to get out and meet old colleagues at the same time.  Doing something does improve your self worth and it also keeps the mind healthy away from the dark thoughts.    I have gone back to my choir to sing and not get involved in politics and that is working for me.   I cant sing very well but get there.   

  • You don't realise until you are off work just how much social support your colleagues are. I felt such a non person through 1st line not going to work and giving something. I'm now about to start second line and wondering what I can do to give myself a bit of self worth. As a teacher of very young germy children work is a no-no according to my onc but a bit of volunteering - you have given me ideas....

    Well done

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