So near but so far!

Good evening Ladies well i should have been having my last carbo/caelyx tomorrow but my bloods are too low again 😪 try again next week, this is the first time I got through it with no infection so I thought I might be ok but never mind it just seems never-ending at the moment as I started the chemo the first week in sept but had so many delays etc I just keep telling myself the end is near! Best wishes to everyone Yvonne x

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  • Hi Yvonne

    That's such a get all geared up to do the last one, I just couldn't wait to get it done and dusted. Poor you! Just stay away from the bugs this week and maybe next week will be your lucky week! Xx

  • Thanks Lyndy, yes fingers crossed for next week xx

  • Hi Yvonne, sorry to hear that you've got so near and thwarted at the last minute. I hope you get stronger and can get that last one crossed off. 

    My first is tomorrow so I'll take your baton! 

    Take care 

    Clare x

  • Good luck tomorrow Clare!!


  • Thanks Clare  good luck tomorrow! X

  • So sorry to hear your final delayed for a week, but the white cells can misbehave,  Rest up as much as you can and hopefully all will be well next week,  Look on it as an extra week of freedom and you will feel so much more able for it next week, mind yourself and take care.

  • Sorry to hear that Yvonne! I have everything crossed that your blood cells will have rejuvenated themselves very soon! 

    Onwards and Upwards!!


  • Thanks Suzuki that's what my onc said too no point rushing and being ill again x

  • Oh flipping heck, how frustrating. Keep going Yvonne.  Nearly there .....

    Sandra X x

  • Sorry to hear that it's so disappointing when that last one is postponed. I hope you are well enough to enjoy the week off.

  • Thanks Sandra xx

  • Yes I'm feeling well  thanks Lesley been sitting in the sun getting some vitamin D! X

  • Hi Vonny

    I just want to wish you well and I am sure with that rest you will get that last one over and look forward to the future with hope. Take care


  • Thanks Molly xx

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