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good job I've been so busy

hi everybody,

just a quick update, cos I'm away again...... but before I came I picked up my blood test results from last week to take with me to the hospital on Tuesday. Guess What... my count is up to 650, so no wonder I have been feeling grotty over the last 10 days. two weeks ago I was walking round Paris, but today it is as much as I can do to walk 100 yards. What will they do next? we wait with trepidation.. but mean while I have the funeral of a very dear friend who died this week, of breast cancer, aged 43. Hope I can cope with it on the day.

love n hugs


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Poor you, Viv. I hope That you can find out what's causing the grotty feelings soon. Is there a contact number you can ring? It's the not knowing that's crap, isn't it? Sorry to hear about your dear friend's death. Just sending you a big hug. Hope you're feeling a bit better soon. (((Xxx)))

Love Wendy xx


Sorry to hear you are feeling rotten Viv.This period leading up to checkups is so horrid. was thinking of you a lot yesterday when I was at the Marsden.

Sorry to that you have lost a young friend too

Lots of love and gentle hugs



Oh Viv I am so sorry, what a shock. As you say it may explain why you suddenly felt rotten again though. There's no good time to lose a friend in any case, of course, but you can do without the double blow to cope with :-( Hope you get through the service OK. She isn't suffering now, all you can do is get past that last opportunity to reflect on her and then you must focus on your getting well again.


Sue xxx



so sorry to hear you are having a rotten time, sending you love and hugs

Jan x


Hi Viv

Sorry you're feeling so poorly after such good times. It hits you so suddenly doesn't it? Hope you manage to get things sorted soon.

Be thinking of you this week, so hard to be strong sometimes!

Love Linda xxx


A difficult time for you Viv and I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your friend.

Thinking of you

Love & hugs

Mary xx


Glad to hear you had a good time walking round Paris, but sorry to read you are going through a worrying time. As willing as the Marsden are to help it's still very stressful when symptons change. CA 125 readings can fluctuate, maybe another test will show it lower. It has happened to me. Wishing you all the best for Tuesday.x



Sorry you are feeling so down, Viv. I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday. Sad you have a funeral to go to - especially one so young, too.

Try and keep your chin up, love Solange xx


Dear Viv

I feel so disheartened for you that the CA125 is rising again. It was so amazing to read how you picked yourself up and dusted yourself down - I think these were the words on your blog a couple of years ago. You have such an amazing way of just getting on with things until you get a break and can have a lovely holiday in your motor home or a trip to Paris.

It's going to be tough coping with your friend's death and attending the funeral. I'm really sorry to hear of your loss. There's a lot of love and hugs from us on here to help you get through that.

We're also here thinking about you Tuesday for your hospital appointment and hope it goes OK. Let us know how you get on and we'll do our best to keep you chipper and see you through the storm.

with loads of love xxx Annie


you all make it so much easier to bear. thanks. I'll let you know what happens on Tuesday, but it better be good. we are supposed to be babysitting with granddaughters on Saturday. they are joining us in our m/h!!!


That's our Viv!!!!!! Live, Love, Laugh.

xxxx Annie


Hi there Viv ,

So very sorry to hear your news of your rising CA 125 as you had been doing so well of late .

Glad to hear you have the appt on Tuesday .

Thinking about you with the loss of your friend ..life as we all know throws so much at us ..very hard at time to cope with so much at once .

Hugs xxx and have fun with your Granddaughters ..such delights xx

Love Jan xxx


Hi, Viv.

I'm sorry to hear your CA is rising and the loss of your beloved friend.

Sometimes life brings to us many hard things to deal with, but I think you're a strong and positive woman, and after some time you'll feel better.

Have a good time with your granddaughters.




Thinking of you love x G x


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