Still a virgin at 49

I am 49 underwent hysterectomy 2 years ago. I met a man of my life and for the first time I experienced intimacy but my biggest problem is it's very painful when he tried to penetrate. Said he felt there's a hard walI barring. Tried water based gel and my doctor prescribed tibolone and taking it for 2 months but still painful. No penitration happen until now. Doctor again prescribed vagifem 3 times a week. Is it safe to take tibolone and vagifem. Please help...thank you

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  • I have reason to believe that this message has been erroneously posted to the wrong forum. 


  • I can't answer your specific question, but I know when I had radiotherapy 10 years ago for cervical cancer it basically shrunk/tightened the vagina and I suffered from dryness and had blood having intercourse. I was prescribed an estrogen pill (on a long stick that you insert). However with current diagnosis I don't think estrogen is a good idea. My oncologist told me that regular sex would help. I was single at the time, I did ask if she could put that on a prescription for me!   So maybe just keep at it, maybe Epsom salts bath and sexy massage from you man to help relax all your muscles first. Cannabis also works as a muscle relaxant.

  • Something I picked up from this website was to use a small amount of coconut oil, about the size of a tiny finger nail.  It has been working for me for several months.  Good luck.

  • I would go to a gynecologist to ask what could the problem be. It might be due to a mistake in the operation. Have your vagina checked.

  • "A hard wall baring entry" sounds very similar to pelvic floor dysfunction.

    (Muscles don't just weaken. Sometimes they get to strong and lock.)

    A few women I know with endometriosis have trouble with it, and have a lot of luck with pelvic physical therapy.

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