Full circle !

Hi. I feel like it's been so long since my last post when I genuinely felt happy, alive and well ! 

I've went full circle from feeling elated to having my last chemo that nearly wrecked me and now back to feeling good again.  The day after my last happy pic post I had my last session of carbo/caleyx.  I hit a real low physically.  My white blood count was down.  I managed to convince them that I felt well enough to proceed  with chemo and I got injections to help with blood count.  I felt dreadful for days afterwards. Ended up having to go to hospital with a virus that was doing the rounds, got home then after a few days of feeling better took an infection and had to get antibiotics.  It was a rough couple of weeks but finally on my feet again.   The highs and lows of this cancer would get on your nerves.  It's so frustrating ! Anyway enough moaning as I managed to have a lovely Easter break with my family.  I had my scan today to see if chemo has worked and confirm if I can start the trial.  Praying for good results next week.  

Having a catch up on all the posts.  Love to you all xo

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  • Welcome back! Good to hear you're feeling better and fingers crossed for your trial which I too hope to do. xx

  • Thank you xo

  • Glad to hear youare feeling better. Fingers crossed for good results next week and hope you get onto the trial.  Kathy xx

  • Thank you Kathy  xo

  • Hi. So glad you are feeling better. I started chemo with a cold and it lasted weeks and didn't help. I felt awful but like you I've improved now and though only halfway through chemo, feeling better about facing the rest of the cycles, and the good weather and longer days do help. I hope your results are good.

  • Thank you.  You don't realise the impact that even a small issue can have when you're on chemo.  In hindsight I probably should have postponed for a week but couldn't face flying back over again.  

    I hope you get it easier for the remaining treatments xo

  • Good to hear you're feeling better Julie. It just shows how treatments pull us down physically and that has a knock-on effect on our ability to cope psychologically. 

    Best of luck with your scans and tests. I do hope you can join the trial. Let us know how you get on. 

    What wonderful weather. It's so good to see blue skies and to hear the birds singing. It lifts my heart. I hope it has a good effect on you all wherever you are with your treatment.

    xx Annie

  • Thank you Annie.  I must say when I read your posts and see your pics on FB they do inspire me because you really are living life even though you have had challenges with your leg.  Family gives us super powers ! 

    The good weather lifts me too.  I've made plans for this summer and I pray that all goes well and I can enjoy it.  

    Love and hugs xo

  • I have my bad moments too Julie, but I guess I don't post when I'm feeling like that. I've just read the funniest idea - to set the kitchen timer and then have a rant. Next time I'm feeling a bit tearful I'll go check out the cooker and no doubt by the time I get there I'll be laughing at myself. 

    xx Annie

  • We wouldn't be human if we didn't have those bad moments.  I also try to avoid everyone when I'm like that.  There's no point in bringing everyone down with me. I'ts good that we can see this in oursekces and acknowledge it because at least we aren't kidding ourselves that things are perfect. If only eh ! I wouldn't mind even having a semi normal life  😀😀

    A good rant can definitely be funny when you look back on it. 

    Much love xo

  • Good luck Julie with your scan and joining the trial.  I hope an energised happy summer is ahead. Xxx

  • Thank you.  That's my dream summer and praying for good times for all us ladies xo

  • Hope scan results are goods Julius ands you get on the trial.  Fingers crossed. Ann xo

  • Thank you Ann.  Mandy was talking about us going to her house.  Let me know when is a good time for you and I can organise it.   Will be great to see you xo

  • Hi Julie you have been through a tough time, glad you are feeling better now. Sending you lots of best wishes and love for scan results and you get on the trial to. Xxx

  • Thank you. I really need a break and pray it happens. Hope you are keeping well to xo

  • Good luck with scan results Julie, and fingers crossed you get on the trial  xxx

  • Thank you Jan.   How are you finding the trial ?  Xo

  • all good so far Julie-  No side effects other than a little tired and a metallic taste in my mouth for the first few weeks- hoping that means I am on the drug rather than the placebo x

  • I really hope and pray you're getting the real deal. That's great news that the symptoms are fewer and more manageable. 


  • Fingers crossed for your good results and getting into the trial.


  • Thank you Trix.  I hope you get a plan together and please do let me know if I can do anything xo

  • Glad chemo is over for you and now time recovery in the sunshine xx

  • It feels like it's been so long but it's done and I feel I've earned a break. Hopefully scan results agree with me lol xo

  • Hi Julie so good you are sounding Better, I was very low and took a long time to recover from the carbo/calyx but it has given me the longest stability, I celebrate 1 year  free of chemo today. Glad you managed to enjoy your Easter break with the family.I will say a few prayers for you and look forward to hearing all about your trial. Lots of love Bridie xx

  • Thank you Bridie. Scan results tomorrow so al will be revealed.  Praying for good news xo

  • Hi Julie

    I just want to wish you well and tell you I will say a little prayer  for good results of scan. It is so wonderful that you are back on your feet again. I will take my inspiration and courage from you and all the other lovely ladies.


  • Thank you.  The power in prayer.   

    We are all here for each other and feel blessed to have such a supportive network of lovely ladies xo 

  • Glad your feeling better 😊 and managed an Easter break xx

  • Thank you xo

  • Well Julie you had a rough time but you got through it and had a nice Easter so that is a positive.The long evenings are here and that makes us so much better in ourselves. I want to wish you well with the results of your scan and I wish you a long remission.  Let us know how you get on and sending you best wishes

  • Thank you.   The Easter break made such a difference even though I've had a couple of trips to Christies I managed to catch up with two friends whilst there.  

    Wednesday is results days so will keep uou all posted xo

  • Hello Julie glad to hear you are feeling better, must also put some pictures on the site, today I was told about the Coral trial, so await CT scan and results for plan, is it the Ariel 3 trial you are on, my CA125 levels are high at 500

  • Yes I hope to start the Ariel 3 trial.  I will know for sure when my scan results come back.  Getting a bit nervous but ca125 has been down so praying all good.  I haven't heard about the Coral trial xo

  • Sorry it is Corail trial, hope you ca125 stays low and the Ariel trial is fruitful???? Sorry can't think of the right words. Today is my daughter's 19th birthday so some pic's are going on the site loved the one of your son!!

  • Have a wonderful day for your daughters birthday.   Look forward to the pics.  I've become a photo freak ! Snapping at every opportunity x 

  • Best of luck with everything Julie you certainly do deserve a break from it all so good luck with the scan!!


  • Thank you D xo

  • Hi Julie. A welcome end to a long hard winter eh? Hope the CT results are good and the trial goes ahead. I'm hoping to switch consultants so may see you at the Christie sometime.  Love and good wishes for a fabulous summer. Sandra X x 

  • Thank you Sandra.  Yes it certainly was a long hard winter but hopefully a long hot summer to follow. Here's hoping ! 

    It would be lovely to see you if you are at Christies.  Randomly I was getting my chemo before xmas and the lady next to me called me over and turned out it was Pat from this site (tachipat)  She heard the Irish accent and took a guess that it was me. It was lovely to met her.  Let me know and we can catch up for a cuppa.  

    Hope you're keeping well. Take care.

    Love Julie xo

  • Yes it would be lovely to meet up have a brew ☺. Am doing fine but still not got my voice back properly. It's looking like my time on Avastin is coming to an end because of side effects but I must admit I think I'm glad to see how my own body copes with the lodgers. Routine CT due in 10 days so no doubt I'll start getting the collywobbles as the result appointment looms! 

    Sandra x x 

  • That's a shame about the Avastin.  Hopefully you get your voice back soon after it stops. 

    I think we all get the wobbles before the scan and results.  I'm a bit nervy myself about next week. Schools are back next week and I've also crammed my diary for Monday and Tuesday so that I've no time to think xo

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