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Well my friends iv ended up in the oncology ward again.i had to come here to the main hospital last week after I had my usual check up at my chemo unit my temp was high.after waiting 4 hours to see my onc my temp was down she said I could stay if I wanted but I felt fine so I son picked me up we were probably half way home and I started vomiting.when I got home any fluid or medicine I took came up.we got my go out next day he said I don't like the look of you and got me admitted.i felt iv was started and I just zonked out.anyway I'm fine now and home tomorrow it's just amazing how quickly things changed I was fine when I left here and suddenly I was ill.i asked the onc today if this was the way things were going to be from now on.she seemed to think it was.anyway for now I'm ok.regards Carolyn x

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Sorry to hear you've been under the weather...hope you stay well now! X


Aww sounds awful this treatment is so harsh. Sending positive vibes to feel much better

LA xx


So sorry you had a bad reaction, maybe they could put in the drip slower next time around, that would help. Ask your team if that is feasible. I am glad you are now feeling much better


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