Hi ladies.iv ended up in the oncology ward as an in up washed and dressed on Friday I was up about 20 min and had to go back to bed.i slept most of the day.on Saturday I thought I was on my way out.phoned the number we are given and had to come to the hospital.i couldn't keep my eyes.basically I couldn't do anything.the usual things were done.i hadn't chemo last week as it was my week off.i was meant to do another 3 rounds of docetaxel,but my ca125 was rising with it.i told the dr not my onc but a really lovely dr I saw no reason to have it.with my lung problem and my enlarged liver tumour pushing up my onc discussed cal ex with me.but to me if there is no likely hood of it shrinking the liver tumour there is no point.the breathlessness has really changed the goal independence has gone just like that.ever since my diagnosis last year iv carried on with my life as normal when possible.i like to go out and about everyday.visit my daughter things like that.i guess my life expectancy has seeing onc on Monday and going to ask the prognosis.i didn't think I would see another year I guess now it's probably months regards Carolyn x

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  • Hi Carolyn... Sending you virtual hugs and positive sorry you are having all these problems xx

  • Sending you a gentle hug Carolyn hope your being well looked after . Xx

  • Hi Carolyn,

    Nothing is ever hopeless,we have all been there in varying degrees,just try to focus on what you feel like doing or what you can do.

    Spend time with your family and smile at the things that make you happy no matter how small it is.

    Good luck on Monday and just remember how bad some of the diagnosis have been and how many of us ladies have rallied round,

    Bless you,

    Carole xxx

  • Sending a big hug xx

  • HI Carolyn, just popping in to say Hello, I am sorry you have ended up in hospital and I hope your team can come up with another plan to make you well again, sending you a big hug,

  • Hi Carolyn.. I have given up asking about my prognosis. It was shocking news when I was told I only had a relatively short time and that treatment wasn't likely to work. Now I think there is no crystal ball. I'm still here. I know others have had poor news and have defied the odds. Sending love and hugs. xxx

  • Thinking of you and sending you calm and peaceful vibes to help you at this time . I only asked the question once and that was last year and was just told how long is a piece of string. Unfortunately for me I'm going through treatments without much success even though I don't intend to leave very soon. I just don't think the man up there has received my message yet. Lol I have found but lapsed a bitrecently, meditation as being good and helps you to destress and appreciate things more also it helps me not to be so afraid. Also I see my counsellor quite often as does my husband. I'm in New Zealand without family do it has been difficult . Take care of yourself my love xxx

  • Hi Carolyn,

    Thinking of you and hoping your team gets their act together for you. X

  • Dear friends just a note to thank you for the nice thoughts and good wishes.carolyn x

  • Well, thinking of you Carolyn .. Xxxxx

  • Thinking of you ad sending hugs!


    Annette xxx

  • Hello Carolyn. All is not gone. You are still typing on this site so you still have a lot left. focus on getting strong again and living every moment you have to the best that your strength will take you.

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