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Had my 3rd cycle of taxol/ carboplatin on Wednesday and still feeling sick. Taking ondansetron twice a day plus metoclopradamide if needed. Was prescribed a quarter of a tablet at night of levomepromazine but found I was having bad dreams, so I stopped taking them.. My problem is I'm due for a ct scan tomorrow where I've to drink 1lt of vile fluid then I'm scanned. Frightened I'm going to throw the whole lot up.

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I want to wish you well for the scan tomorrow, bring a book with you or ipod while you are waiting. I know that drink isnt very pleasant but they told me that if you were an inpatient you get a really horrible drink. I sip it bit by bit and it goes down okay. I focus on the tea and toast in the canteen when I am finished. Go back to your gp and change your sleeping tablets if that is what you are taking, I am not sure of the name there are plenty out there that wont give you nightmares. Mint tea or strong mints help with the nausea or boiled seven up or sprite. I had maxalon, motillium didnt work for me at all, Do mention it to your oncology nurse next time and they may change the anti sick for you, they have more to choose from.

I usually can make do with Odansetron but they are not always affective.

When I get really bad nausea I take Zoffran melts. They seem to work better for me if things are worse than normal.

I'm really easily turned and when I think of drinking that stuff I feel sick. They normally add cordial of your choice in, not that it makes it any easier to get down. Fir months leading up to my diagnosis the hospital kept giving me Movicol now I can't even look at it never mind drink it. Have a word with them before your scan as I'm sure they will be able to do something for you xo

At the hospital where I have my CT scans, they don't give me a big jug of gastrografin when I arrive any more. They send me a small tube of the undiluted stuff at home, & I'm asked to dilute & drink 1 glassful 2 nights before the scan, 2 glassfuls the day before, & 1 an hour & a half before the scan time. They then just give me 1 more cupful when I arrive, half an hour before the scan. I don't know whether they still do it the other way at all, but its ages since I saw anyone sitting with a jug in the waiting room, I've only seen people with single cups. And the drinks are so spread out, you don't get that build up of aniseed taste in your mouth.


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