Tena or Sanitary towels?

Help please. Having my debaulking op a week today and sounding incredibly stupid but this is one question I haven't got around to asking. In the hospital literature it says to bring sanitary towels. Recently on this site people have been talking about bladder problems after the op and needing Tena - so, are the sanitary towels for bleeding or are they for bladder leakage, or both? Was sure it was for bleeding, but then with all the talk about bladder problems, beginning to question my assumptions. Thank you! xx

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  • Hi,

    I have not had my operation yet but I was under the impression we would need sanitary towels for bleeding. To be honest I would probably pack both just in case!

    Wishing you the best of luck for you operation and for 2016 :)


  • Hi

    Sanitary towels are fine as it is for bleeding for a few weeks

    You really should not have bladder problems unless you already have them

    Good luck with your op ,if it is straightforward there is nothing to worry about

    as I found out!!

  • I would say sanitary towels but I didnt need them, I was gone through the change and had no discharge etc what soever, a nightie or two wouldnt go amiss as its easier for the first day or so, Wishing you the best for your surgery

  • I didn't need them, but they stuffed hospital issue between my legs anyway and one nurse gave me a lecture about bleeding post op. I couldn't see why but who am I to question it lol.

    I've had bladder problems after each operation and have to do pelvic floor exercises but nothing bad enough for Tena

    Best wishes for 2016

    LA xx

  • I didn't have issues with bladder or very much bleeding but about 6 days post op, I started leaking. It was ascites. Apparently the protein levels in my blood had got so low that this couldn't be re-absorbed (due to the massive tumour, I hadn't eaten properly for a long while). I wore Tena pants, felt like a nappy, for about 10 days. It was a bit distressing at the time as didn't expect it.

  • I had post-op bleeding, a bit of a flood during the first night, and then again after about 17 days of old blood, and an infection. Otherwise, just a faint discharge for about 6 weeks. Only needed a pantie liner for that.

    No problem with leaking from my bladder - in fact, the debulking cured the stress incontinence caused by v large tumour, which was an unexpected bonus! I did find it took a while for organs to rearrange themselves. Had to do a bit of wriggling, readjusting position, to empty bladder properly in the early days.

  • I see lots of advice from others...I have used all leakage protection for bleeding, leaks and poo leaks and whatever u feel comfortable with - use.

    I will say one little thing...don't be embarrassed about asking questions on anything when you are talking to your Surgeon, Onc or Nurses - they have heard all questions before....so never leave without understanding everything, (well, as much as you want).

    On that note, best wishes for your Surgery and a speedy recovery and may 2016 be wonderful for you.

    Love, Daisies xx

  • It was for bleeding for me. It went on for several weeks. Imhad no bladder leakage after the op.

  • I had stopped periods . There were no instructions given to me. Didn't need anything.

  • I didn't bleed after my op but had a few bowel issues so had to wear one of the hospital pads which helped, only last a couple of days then back to my normal, wishing you well xx

  • I had a very small discharge for a couple of days only. However about 3 weeks later I was leaking a large amount of what I thought was urine, I was having to use large Tena towels, and having to change them regularly. I couldnt control the leakage at all. The Macmillan nurse advised me it was lymph fluid, and would soon stop. It did after about 24 hours. Good luck with your Op. Tenas do cover bleeding and bladder leakage so I would opt for them.

    Caz x

  • I had a total hysterectomy and then some, via laparotomy.

    Didn't bring any of those bits but the hospital back in Germany supplied me with both kinds plus disposable underwear as needed. Didn't really need any the first week though because of the catheter (no undies just lying on a protective pad, oops too much information ;) ), but had some bowel issues - of the did-not-want-to-resume-working type so measures were taken to stir it into action - so opted to sleep with a nappie losely draped around my behind just in case. My bladder exhibited some infection like symptoms in the first few days following surgery (assume because I had gotten stents) but resumed functioning as usual after the catheter was removed... no urine leakage and no more blood in it either soon after the stents were gone. Post-catheter, I still availed myself to the disposable undies with a sanitary pad while the wound drainage was still in (didn't want to mess up my own clothes). After all tubes were gone, switched to normal underwear with panty liners as I had some minor discharge happening for a few weeks following surgery.

    I brought a few night dresses and found I didn't use any of my own as the hospital gowns were so much more practical, what with the various lines and tubes (and associated occasional messes) and getting hit by night sweats following the sudden menopause.

    It all sounds somewhat gory but remember it's the finer details of post-op and it's all manageable. You will have all options and advice available to you in the hospital so I'd say just bring both some sanitary pads and maybe a tena or two to be on the safe side and play it by ear. Check with your nurses and you'll be fine.

    All the best for your op!

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